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In 1991, company NV J. van RATINGEN started her first production of FRITEL-fryers. This generation of fryers was a gigantic success and still is known as the "Traditional Runners".


In 1998, FRITEL became Market Leader in Belgium, a position that she still holds at present. In the meantime, FRITEL is all round known as the International Trendsetter in the field of Deep Fryers.

Dankzij het gepatenteerde "Click System®" hangt er geen vuile weer­stand meer over de kuiprand.

Gemakkelijk demonteerbaar
In een handomdraai kunt u de weerstand met het "Click System®" uit de kuip nemen en weer in elkaar zetten.

Gemakkelijk te reinigen
Dankzij het "Click System®" geen onbereikbare vuile hoeken meer rond de weerstand.
Less greasy fries thanks to a shorter frying time.
Up to 50% faster frying thanks to heating on 2 levels.
Energy-saving : The same result with 50% less energy consumption.
Ecological : The oil lasts up to 3 times longer = less residues.

Controle van condensatiewater
Gepatenteerd systeem waarbij een opvangbakje het condensatiewater op­vangt over de volledige breedte van het filterdeksel, van zodra het deksel ge­opend wordt.

Opvang voor 30 bakbeurten
Het opvangbakje kan het condensatie­water van ruim 30 bakbeurten op­vangen en blijft steeds horizontaal staan, ongeacht of het deksel open of gesloten is.

Eenvoudig te reinigen
Het opvangbakje kan eenvoudig met een doekje gereinigd worden of kan samen met het filterdeksel afgenomen en gereinigd worden in de vaatwasser.


After graduating “cum laude” at the University of Law, Cindy van RATINGEN entered the company in October 1998 to prepare herself to take over the lead and to guarantee the future of FRITEL.

The FRITEL Succes Story

In 1991, company NV J. van RATINGEN started her first production of FRITEL fryers. This generation of fryers was a gigantic success and still is known as the "Traditional Runners". In 1997, the second generation was launched, together with the patent "Click System". These fryers exceeded by far all "Cold Zone" fryers brought to market up to then in design, maintenance-utility, user-comfort, simplicity, ….

This resulted in the acquisition of the market leader position in 1998.

Furthermore, in 1998, FRITEL was the first to bring a fryer to market that combines all the advantages of a "Cold Zone" fryer with all the advantages of a traditional fryer with filter lid. This model has been unrivalled up to now.

In 1999, being specialists in the field of fryers, FRITEL decides to take her first step to the catering market. To that end, we designed, with help from our own R&D department, an entire line of catering fryers. Here as well, our fryers can be called unique, because of our patent "Covering System" which makes maintenance and usage even more easy.

2000 was the year of REVOLUTIONARY INVENTIONS. Since more than 50 years (as long as fryers exist), producers have been looking for a solution. Therefore, FRITEL is extremely proud to be the first to manage the neutralisation of the dangerous splashes during the frying process. Thanks to her revolutionary invention "TURBO Safe Frying", the frying process knows no more dangerous splashes and is even up to 50 % faster. Furthermore, our "TURBO SF System" has even more advantages, such as a special position to melt the frying fat.

In 2004 FRITEL developed the unique "ACC® System" (Automatic Condensation Collector). This sytem sees to an automatic collection of the condensation in a collector. The collector is large enough to contain condensation from 30 frying cycles and remains horizontal at all time, whether the lid is open or closed. This collector can be cleaned with a cloth or can be put into the dishwasher along with the filter lid.

FRITEL is the first ever to launch a fryer which combines a metal housing with an automatic hinged filter lid. With this fryer FRITEL anticipates the modern trend of silver metallic colours and the raising demand of fryers with an automatic hinged filter lid.

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