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I’m using your fryer and it was the best fryer that I ever used.

A. Aonwiranya (Thailand) - 13.02.2014

Good morning, thanks for the quick reply! Customer service level is in line with the quality of the product, excellent.

M. Reithmayr (UK) - 09.12.2013

Thank you so much, your comany has the best price/quality products and the most amazing customer service that I have experienced.


Super deep fryer, heats up very quickly and very easy to clean. They might as well give lifelong guarantee because I don’t see what could break.


Thanks for the quick delivery following my email. Since we have had some good fries. Thank you for the pleasant service.

Hedwige – Belgium

Almost 15 years from now, we bought a Fritel, because no other brand met our standards. After an optimal use for 15 years unfortunately we had to let it go. This is why we bought the Fritel Turbo SF 4371. We already baked a lot of fries and snacks and again it works perfectly. For us nothing but a Fritel. All our compliments

Willem Bucher – The Netherlands

The first fryer that does whatever you want. Fries and snacks in no time and the surroundings of the fryer do not get too filthy.

Vanden Broeck – The Netherlands

Finally a fryer that heat up quickly and in which the fries are quickly golden. I have this fryer for one month now and I used it several times already, also for a large group.

Sabine C. – The Netherlands

I am the happy owner of a new fryer, I have used it several times with a good result, done with the complains of my friend mentioning ‘bad fries’, which are now perfectly crispy, perfect. One small mistake I did: I waited too long to buy this fryer.

Dusoir – The Netherlands

We have had a Fritel fryer for 1 year now. It suites us very well, heats very quickly and is easy to clean. The use is also very easy.

H. Goorts – The Netherlands

I prepared mussels with fries for 22 friends, and I wouldn’t have pulled it off without this fryer. We fried 1,8 to 2 kg of fries at the same time. In the afternoon we prebaked the fries and at night we finished of the baking, without any mistakes and quick. Further, after we baked a portion, the oil was at temperature after no more than 1 minute. An appliance to recommend without any doubt! Does also work very well with fat instead of oil.

Joris – The Netherlands

Thank you for your quick and clear reaction. I guessed that the reason would be ‘safety ‘ and you confirmed this in a convincing way. Thanks a lot and have a nice weekend. Regards,

J. van Veen – The Netherlands

Thanks a lot for a great service! I would like to mention that we are 100% happy with our deep fryer, 100% top! Thanks and regards,

Helma – The Netherlands

I promised to keep you informed and I am happy to announce that the problem is fixed. I would like to thank you again for your correct and pleasant intervention for the after sales service. Best regards,

Greet – Belgium

I promised to keep you informed and I am happy to announce that the problem is fixed. I would like to thank you again for your correct and pleasant intervention for the after sales service. Best regards,

Greet – Belgium

Thank you for the clear and useful information! I will do whatever is needed to get it checked! This is customer service! Thanks!

K. Swaeb - Belgium

I thank you for your message. I was happy to read this. I would say the issue is resolved in a correct way. It is pleasant to see that there still are some companies that believe in their products and think in order to find a solution. Thanks again and greetings.

Family Konings – The Netherlands

The spare part was picked up last Friday and changed at night. We are again able to bake some waffles and eat some hot sandwiches! Wonderful service!

Mr. Andries - Belgium

Following our writing you sent us a free spare part, which we received in good order by now. We would like to thank you and express our gratitude for you commercial and personalized attitude. We won’t fail to talk to our friends about this.

D. Ameel – Belgium

I have already tried all kinds of cleaning products, but nothing helped. Now, with the Fritel cleaner for fryers my deep fryer seems new and my kitchen doesn’t smell any more.

Frank – The Netherlands

On December 23rd, during a demonstration in the Makro in Eke, I bought a Fritel Waffle maker, remember, the sexagenarians that couldn’t find a good waffle iron after 2 bad investments. Today I baked with it for the first time, and I am very happy. My search for a good waffle iron is over. Greetings,

Annie – Belgium

I have a Fritel deep fryer and I'm quite happy with it. I'm moving to a country that has 110V. Will it still work? Thank you in advance for your assistance, it's a very well designed product.