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Niet op voorraad SR 3150 Salt Stone Raclette Grill

SR 3150 Salt Stone Raclette Grill

  • Brands Fritel
  • Product Code: 142111
  • EAN 5410585421117
  • Availability: Niet op voorraad
  • Pans: diswasher proof
  • For 2-6 persons
  • Unique raclette grill with natural salt stone
  • Salt stone from the Himalaya mountains
  • Gives a very pleasant structure to fish or meat
  • Easy cleaning
  • Salt Stone: rinse with cold running water.
  • Thanks to the antibacterial characteristics of salt there is no need for soap.
  • Separately available: reversible baking plate
  • €99.99
  • Ex Tax: €82.64

142111 SR 3150 Salt Stone Raclette Grill

A new and unique way of grilling and baking meat, fish and vegetables? It is now possible with the FRITEL Salt Stone Raclette Grill SR 3150. The natural pink salt stone, provides a subtle unknown taste of salt and makes structures of fish and meat very soft and tasteful. In the meantime you can melt a delicious piece of raclette cheese or prepare something creative in the pans.

Deliverd with: 
- 6 wooden spatulas
- 6 raclette pans

Fritel, Tastefully Created !

Number of pans 6
On / Off button Yes
Easy of use
Grill surface 29,5 x 24
Guarantee 2 Years
Number of persons 2 - 6
Type funcooking Raclette, Zoutsteen, Steengrill
Maintenance & Cleaning
Dishwasher safe No
Dishwasher-safe parts Yes
Physical properties
Bottom in stainless steel Yes
Colour Gray, Black
Material Stainless steel
Power 1300

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How do you prevent food from sticking or burning on the baking tray?

Sprinkle some salt on the baking plate to prevent the food from sticking or baking.

How to clean the raclette grill ?

Always allow the appliance to cool down completely before cleaning. The base of the unit as well as the housing can be cleaned with a damp cloth. NEVER immerse these parts in water or any other liquid.
The baking trays are dishwasher-safe and may be cleaned in a dishwasher. This also applies to the accompanying raclette pans. If you wash the baking trays by hand, use a soft cloth. NEVER use hard dishwashing brushes.

How do I use the device?

The PR3130 is a pizza and raclette grill in 1.
You have 2 heating levels which you can use both at the same time and separately:
- Reversible grill plate/Teppanyaki plate
- Raclette pans and pizza holders

How do I use the device?

The unique folding raclette and stone grill adapts to your choice of dish:
- 2x Teppanyaki
- 1x Teppanyaki + 1x grill
- 1x Teppanyaki + 1x stone
- 1x grill + 1x stone
- 2x grill
The appliance also adapts to your table group:
- Open: for an extra long table
- Closed: cosy and close to each other
- Scissor-shaped: for round or oval table
- Angular: for a small square table

Where can I find recipes?

 At our website you can find all kinds of recipes.

Does one have fondue with oil or with stock?

There are different kinds of fondue. Our fondue appliances are suited for all sorts, so Chinese fondue as well as fondue Bourguignonne, chocolate fondue, cheese fondue, … Evidently you don’t make them all at the same temperature.

For Chinese fondue or Shabu Shabu you use stock and for the most famous fondue Bourguignonne you use oil. Anyway always use an oil that easily withstands high temperatures such as grapeseed oil, special fondue oil (usually with herbs in the bottle), …

When is the Grilltastic® ready for use? What lights have to be lit before one can start baking?

The light under the thermostat turns green.

When is the appliance ready for use? What lights have to be lit before one can start baking?

When you put the electrical plug in the outlet a red light will appear automatically. Set the thermostat as desired. Wait until the green control lamp lights up (the red light will always stay lit) before putting ingredients on the grill. For a fast heating you should keep the appliance closed.

There are fine cracks in my stone. Can I still use it?

Due to the heat, the natural stone or salt stone expands, causing small cracks to appear. This is a natural phenomenon and does not affect the proper functioning of the unit.

What can I mix with the hand blender?

The hand blender can be used to mix soups, sauces and purees thanks to the 2 control knobs with variable speeds and the 6 knives.

How do you clean a salt stone?

Attention: Never allow the salt stone to cool under cold running water. If the temperature difference is too great, the salt stone may crack or break. Attention: Do not leave the salt stone under running water for too long, it will dissolve.

Can I put the natural stone/saltstone in the dishwasher?

A natural stone or salt stone must NEVER be placed in the dishwasher.

My salt stone is getting darker?

The salt stone is a porous stone, which absorbs the juices and marinades of what you bake and will therefore take on a different/darker colour. This does not prevent subsequent use and the stone will still produce the desired effect. If the stone has become too thin, there is no need to worry, because then you can grind the remains and use the salt to the last grain as cooking salt.
And of course you can continue to use your appliance with a new salt stone (order here) or with your reversible baking plate for endless raclette fun.

From the first use, the natural stone or salt stone becomes darker in colour. This is perfectly normal for a natural stone.

My salt stone is cracked/broken. Is this covered by a warranty?

A salt stone is not a utility product, but a consumable product, because it consists entirely of edible salt. Unfortunately, therefore, this is not covered by any guarantee.

Why is my salt stone getting thinner?

The Himalayan salt stone will become thinner as it is used and will therefore need to be replaced over time. You can grind the remains and use the salt up to the last grain as cooking salt.

Can I purchase a natural stone or salt stone separately?

You can buy the natural stone or salt stone for a Fritel appliance separately from your electronics dealer or order it through our webshop Reversible baking trays are also available for all appliances, so you can immediately add 2 new functions to the same appliance for a modest price.

Which ingredients should not be placed on a natural stone?

Never use frozen foods! If you use thawed food, first dab off the excess liquid. Otherwise you will not get a good baking result. The stone must never come into contact with acidic foods or foods flavoured with vinegar, mustard, gherkins, etc.

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