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Niet op voorraad SB 2390 Soup Maker & Blender

SB 2390 Soup Maker & Blender

  • Brands Fritel
  • Product Code: 139736
  • EAN 5410585397368
  • Availability: Niet op voorraad
  • Soup Maker & Blender in 1
  • For ice crushing
  • For preparations o f smoothies and milkshakes
  • For preparation of different soups, julienne, smooth, chunky
  • For preparation of baby food
  • 3 pre programed functions
  • Smooth (smoothly mixed soup): 25 minutes
  • Chunky (coarsely mixed soup): 28 minutes
  • Heat (heating without mixing): 30 minutes
  • 3 blending speed + pulse function
  • With double child safety: On the lid of the jug and on the jug itself
  • Practical control panel
  • Safe, heat resistant stainless steel jug
  • Easy cleaning: stainless steel jug, lid and filling cup are dishwasher proof
  • €129.99
  • Ex Tax: €107.43

-A daily plate o fresh soup full of vitamins? As a meal or as a quickie … With the FRITEL Soup Maker & Blender SB 2390 you prepare fresh soup in no time! For julienne, chunky or smooth soup: fill the large stainless steel jog with vegetables, water or stock and 25 minutes later your soup is ready! This Soup Maker & Blender prepares it all for you thanks to the pre programed functions. Besides soup you can prepare baby food for example. And you can also simply use it to blend! Ideal for Smoothies or milkshakes and even for crushing ice. One appliance, lots of applications.

Fritel, Tastefully Created !

Content bowl 1
Content bowl 2
Number of bowls
Cooking function Yes
Crushed ice Yes
Number of pre-programmed functions 3
Pulse button Yes
Electric Yes
Guarantee 2 Years
Number of speeds 3
Maintenance & Cleaning
Dishwasher-safe parts Yes
Physical properties
Colour Gray, Red, Black
Material Stainless steel
Material bowl Stainless steel
Power 450 + 900
Soup Yes
Cool Touch Handles Yes

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Which parts of the Soupmaker & Blender are dishwasher proof?

The stainless steel blender can, lid and filling cup are dishwasher proof

Could the device fall over during the blending?

The Fritel Soupmaker is provided with rubber feet that stick to the surface. Always make sure that the device is positioned on a stable, plane and dry kitchen counter.

Could the ingredients spill over out of the blender can?

Make sure the ingredients in the can are NEVER transcend the indication ‘MAX.’! If you do fill the blender can higher then the risk of spilling over exists. Errors caused by not respecting this guideline also aren’t covered by warranty.

What else could be prepared with the Soupmaker?

Besides all kinds of soup (mixed soup, chunky soup, minestrone) you can prepare delicious smoothies, purees and compotes (only with SB2950) in the Soupmaker. Beware: not suited for dough.

Where can I find recipes?

 At our website you can find all kinds of recipes.

What parts of the Soupmaker are dishwasher proof?

The parts are NOT dishwasher proof

How does one clean the Soupmaker SB 2950?

Wash the blender can and the mixing bar with hot suds. NEVER plunge in water. Clean with a soft sponge or a soft cloth. BEWARE: the knifes are very sharp! Dry all parts thoroughly after cleaning and store them in a dry place.

How much liquid can I add to the Soup Maker SB 2950?

For cold liquids never more than 1.6 litres and for hot liquids never more than 1.3 litres. The measure of capacity is shown on the inside of the jug.

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