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Solid, qualitative and functional appliances at a favorable price.

Electrical BBQ & Table grill - BBQ 2246

This electrical BBQ is perfect for smaller terraces or gardens. Compact, with a barbecue surface of 50 x 25 cm. The grill can also be removed and used like a tablegrill, indoor or outdoor. Ideal for apartments, smaller houses and for those they don’t..


SL 3110 Slicer

SL 3110 Slicer Baking and slicing your bread yourself is fantastic, but even buying your bread and cutting it yourself tastes even better than pre-sliced bread. This appliance can also be used to slice cheese and meet. The compact FRITEL slicer SL 3..


SL 3080 Slicer

Baking your own bread and slicing it afterwards is of course great, but even buying a loaf of bread and slicing it your- self tastes better than pre-cut bread. Obviously also suited to slice cheese or sausage. Thanks to the compact FRITEL Slicer SL 3..


FF 1400 Fryer & Fondue

FF 1400 Fryer & Fondue Feel like fries, croquettes or a delicious fondue? This compact FRITEL FF 1400 makes it possible in no time. Ideal for every student, one person household or simply as second deep fryer. Don’t underestimate this small multifun..


Bread slicer SL 3070

Baking your own bread and slicing it afterwards is very rewarding. Buying fresh bread and slicing it yourself also gives a more tasteful result than pre-cut bread . Thanks to the compact FRITEL all cutter SL 3070 you can do this in no time. It’s poss..


BG 1310 - Blend & Go

BG 1310 - Blend & Go Make your personal healthy snacks or smoothies! You blend in the same cup you drink from. So quick, easy to take with you and less dishwashing. Thanks to the 4 cups everyone makes his own drink with his own favorite ingredients...


Electric knife EK 3180

Thanks to the FRITEL EK 3180 electric knife every family diner where juicy roast beef or roast is served becomes a success. No more messing around with blunt knives,... You can also use it to slice baguette or cut cabbage f.e. Thanks to the large han..

150008 Measuring Jug  Niet op voorraad

150008 Measuring Jug

Measuring of liquid substances: indication in ml as wel as in 1/8, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4 and 1 liter. Whether you would like to cook cosely with the kids or prepare a gastronomic dinner, the FRITEL measuring jug with weighing function always comes..



Qualitative appliances with unique innovative advantages, multi functionality, large choice, different finishes, larger sizes, user friendly, easy care, elaborated safety characteristics, convenient for small and large families.

BBQ 3278 Electrical BBQ and tablegrill

FRITEL goes BBQ! If you don’t want any problems with charcoal and gas, than this electrical BBQ is something for you. Exceptional stabil constuction in combination with a big barbecue surface and a dishwasher proof grill plate. Thanks to the lid the ..


BBQ 3256 Electrical BBQ & Table grill

FRITEL goes BBQ! If you don’t want any problems with charcoal and gas, than this electrical BBQ is something for you. Exceptional stabil constuction in combination with a big barbecue surface and a dishwasher proof grill plate. Thanks to the lid the ..


All cutter SL 3855 TWIN

For everybody who loves large farmer’s breads, big pieces of cheese or a large Parma ham FRITEL has the briljant all cutter SL 3855 TWIN in its line up. This metal slicer has a tilted sled to give the best possible cutting results. And for those who ..


SL 3655 Slicer

SL 3655 Slicer For all those who bake their own bread or like to cut their cheese, ham or salami themselves, FRITEL has the splendid slicer SL 3655. This metal slicer features a tilted carriage for the most optimal slicing result. And for the fans o..


Meat Grinder MG 2570

Fresh minced meat, delicious homemade steak tartare, homemade hamburgers, or do you prefer delicious sausages? With the FRITEL meat grinder everything is possible. Furthermore, you know exactly what’s inside. And you can spice everything to your own ..


WT 3158 Cordless Warming Tray

A warming plate is a must at every barbecue to keep your meat and sauces warm, at a dinner party to allow you to dine long, at a party on your buffet or at a larger dinner party to preheat or keep plates and dishes warm . FRITEL completes its range w..


Soup Maker SB 3190

Fresh soup every day! Piece of cake with the Fritel Soup Maker SB 3190. Some sliced vegetables, a bouillon cube, water and we’re off. 20 minutes later a deliciously hot soup is ready. Another possibility is using leftovers from vege- tables, potatoes..


SC 2290 Slow Cooker

Slow is good for you. With this slow cooker everybody makes delicious stews, sauces and soups, even the biggest dummy in cooking. Take all the ingredients, put them in your slow cooker, turn it on and 4 to 8 hours later you have the most delicious st..


Soup Maker SB 2970

Making fresh soup is a lot of work? Certainly not with the Fritel Soup Maker SB 2970. Prepare deliciously hot and perfectly mixed soup at the touch of a button. This Soup Maker has a pre-programmed function for smooth mixed soup, coarsely mixed and f..


RC 1377 Rice & Pasta Cooker

RC 1377 Rice & Pasta Cooker A fan of delicious rice and pasta dishes? If so, the rice and pasta cooker from FRITEL is an enrichment for your kitchen ! From now on, no more wet or burning rice. Add the desired amount of rice and water and the applian..


Induction cooking plate IP 1266

Fritel surprises with a free-standing XL induction cooking plate in black tempered crystal glass. Everyone has already experienced this problem: despite a large induction hob, there are not enough hot plates. The appliance is suitable for cooking, ba..


IM1252 Ice Cream Maker

The Ice Cream Maker IM is the perfect addition to the kitchen of any amateur chef. After all, the best ice cream is the one you make yourself. Whether you like a creamy vanilla ice cream, a sweet sorbet or a savoury ice cream snack, with this ice cre..


DH 2025

In times of healthy food is our Dehydrator DH 2025 a must-have. It is a great appliance to re-use your leftovers or to process your profit from the vegetable garden into tasty, long lasting snacks, sweets, breakfast cereals... Making your own granola..


CP 4177

Indispensable for your delicious and daily vitamins. In the morning at breakfast, as a boost in between or as a refreshment after working out. With a big and a small cone you can squeeze limes as well as grapefruit. The trendy stainless steel look ma..


WT 2478 Warming Tray XXL

Grandma’s dish is completely back in. The pots and pans can be put on the table again, for everyone to serve himself as he pleases. Meanwhile everybody can chat and our XXL warming tray keeps the dishes deliciously warm. Our warming tray is also idea..