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Niet op voorraad Snacktastic ® 4804

Snacktastic ® 4804

  • Brands Fritel
  • Product Code: 138520
  • EAN 5410585385204
  • Availability: Niet op voorraad
  • SnackTastic®: for healthier frying, baking, grilling and roasting
  • No use of grease (up to 80% less fat) no oil, no fat.
  • No unpleasant odors in your house
  • No need to buy expensive oil or fat
  • The frying oil or fat in the fryer you use for your French fries needs less changing
  • Auto Shut Off when the programmed time has elapsed.
  • Auto Shut Off when the pan is extracted from the appliance.
  • Also suited for grilling, baking and roasting
  • Easy cleaning: pan and basket are dishwasher proof
  • Practical cable storage
  • Large capacity up to 1200 grams
  • UNIQUE display with 9 preprogrammed functions for tasteful dishes: Fresh fries, frozen fries, chicken, snacks, frozen snacks, cupcakes, nuggets, steak, fish.
  • Child friendly thanks to the Cool Wall sides
  • Reheat function for reheating dishe
  • Keep warm function for keeping dishes war
  • €149.99
  • Ex Tax: €123.96

SnackTastic 4804

For a tasteful snack you don’t need our deep fryer anymore. In the Fritel SnackTastic®, you can prepare nice crusty appetizer snacks, meatballs, minced-meat, hot dog with no less than 80% less fat. You would like some more variation with vegetables, shrimps, chicken wings or other tapas?

Thanks to the Hot Air Technology of the SnackTastic® it is all possible in no time and without disturbing odors. Making snacks was never that easy. The SnackTastic® 4802 is easy to operate thanks to the electronic controls. If you prefer to do it al manually, than the SnackTastic® 4801 is an alternative.

For French fries we advise our assortment of FryTastic® fryers for an optimal result. Thanks to the SnackTastic® you can serve your favorite snack together with perfect French fries.

Fritel, Tastefully Created !

Adjustable temperature Yes
Easy of use
Cool Walls Yes
Type Thermostat Manual from 40°C - 200°C
Viewing window No
Capacity fryer (in kg) 1,2 kg
Capacity fryer (in liters) 3,2 Liter
Frying technology Hot air
Function fryer Cooking with hot air
Maintenance & Cleaning
Dishwasher-safe parts Yes
Physical properties
Colour Silver, Black
Finishing material High gloss, Mat
Power 1450 W
Cool Touch Handles Yes

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