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CW 2437 Combi Waffle Maker 4x7

CW 2437 Combi Waffle Maker 4x7

  • Brands Fritel
  • Product Code: 142216
  • EAN 5410585422169
  • Availability: In Stock

Unique product advantages

  • Multifunctional waffle maker
  • Higher wattage
  • For traditional Belgian waffles 4 x 7
  • Only waffle maker with so much possibilities (to expand)
  • 14 Different baking plates available
  • No adherence thanks to non stick coating
  • 4x7 waffles, Waffles from Brussels/Liège, Heart shaped waffles, Pancakes, Cone, Teppanyaki, Madeleines, 6x10 waffles, Stuffed waffles, Crispy waffles/butter waffles, Tiny pancakes/ blini, Grill, Sandwiches, Crispy waffles
  • Massive die cast aluminium baking plates for an optimal heat conduction
  • Even more accurate temperature control thanks to: • Higher wattage • High performance ‘heat shield’
  • Reversible appliance for a perfect distribution of the dough
  • Easy to clean thanks to : • Removable baking plates • Dishwasher proof baking plates
  • Practical space saving vertical storage of the appliance
  • €119.99
  • Ex Tax: €99.17

CW 2437 Combi Waffle Maker 4x7

This unique multifunctional waffle maker is standard equipped with a set of traditional 4x7 waffles. The baking plates in massive die cast aluminium are dishwasher proof and easy to remove. That way you change your waffle maker into another waffle maker, grill, teppanyaki in no time.

There are no less than 14 plates for this appliance you can get separately. Such as waffles from Brussels/Lie?ge, 6x10 waffles, 16x28 waffles, heart shaped waffles, pancakes, cones, tiny pancakes, stuffed waffles but also grill plates, teppanyaki plates, sandwich plates. for everyone.

FRITEL, Tastefully Created !

Adjustable temperature Yes
Number of positions 1600 W
Easy of use
Collection fat / dough Yes
Rotating waffle maker No
Upright System 105° Yes
Vertical storage Yes
Electric Yes
Function waffle iron Combi-Waffle Maker W
Maintenance & Cleaning
Plate diswasher safe Yes
Physical properties
Colour Silver W
Depth 34 cm
Height 15.5 cm
Secondary color Turquoise - Teal W
Width 36 cm
Dimension plates 26,5 x 20 cm
Extra baking plates available Yes
Extra-available plates Waffles from Brussels/Liège (4x6), Heart shaped Waffles, Pancakes, Cones, Teppanyaki, Madeleines, Traditional Waffles (6 x 10), Stuffed Waffles, Crispy Waffle/Butter Waffle (16x28), Tiny pancakes/Blini, Sandwich, Gaufrettes, Geribbeld W
Included plates Belgian Waffles (4x7) W
Material plate Aluminium W
Non-stick coating Yes
Removable plates Yes
Power 1600 W
Cool Touch Handles Yes
Indicator light On Yes

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