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Soup Maker SB 2970

Soup Maker SB 2970

  • Brands Fritel
  • Product Code: 139741
  • EAN 5410585397412
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Ideal for: • Preparing various soups: julienne - coarsely mixed • Preparing compote • Smoothies • Blending
  • 6 pre-programmed functions: • Smooth (smoothly mixed soup): 26 minutes • Chunky (mixed with pieces): 30 minutes • Compote: 24 minutes • Blend: 1 minute 50 seconds • Smoothie: 3 minutes • Keep warm: 26 minutes • Sound signal when the program is finished
  • Memory function 2 min. f.ex.: With power breakdown - Removing the lid to add ingredients
  • Cancel function (f.ex. If wrong program is chosen)
  • Handy electronic control panel
  • €69.99
  • Ex Tax: €57.84

Making fresh soup is a lot of work? Certainly not with the Fritel Soup Maker SB 2970. Prepare deliciously hot and perfectly mixed soup at the touch of a button. This Soup Maker has a pre-programmed function for smooth mixed soup, coarsely mixed and for compote. Very easy because all you have to do is fill the can with your favorite vegeta- bles and water. No need to do anything else, 21 minutes later you have created the perfect soup. And with the ‘keep warm’ function your soup stays tastefully warm. Also great to make compotes and smoothies. An appliance for ma- king healthy dishes all year round!

Fritel, Tastefully created !

Content bowl 1
Physical properties
Colour Black, Red, Silver

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