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Happy spring soups from the Soup Maker

Get practical with our Soup maker!
Healthy, easy and varied. With our Soup maker, you can make fresh soup throughout all seasons in no time at all. Add your favourite vegetables and ingredients, press the desired function and the appliance does all the work. With the Soup maker, making soup is child's play.
When you think of a Soup Maker, you naturally think of making tasty soups. But it doesn't stop there. This appliance can have many other uses: applesauce, baby food, jams, sauces or compotes. In addition, you can also use it as a regular blender for a healthy smoothie or milkshake. Speaking of a multifunctional appliance!
A Soup Maker warms and mixes soup smoothly, making the texture smooth and consistent, which makes it much easier than an ordinary hand blender.
The Soup Maker takes a lot of time and work off your hands. Need a quick shower? Do some vacuuming or maybe watch some TV with the family? Let the Soup Maker do its job! You don't have to stand by it the whole time. Finally, the Soup Maker also means less washing up, because you don't have to dirty an extra blender.
Making and eating soup is good for you! Why?
  • Soup contributes to a healthy lifestyle. You get minerals, vitamins and fibre, perfect for a balanced nutrition. Opt for a healthy soup, and avoid snacking between meals.
  • Soup is never monotonous, you can use all kinds of different ingredients to make them. Make use of seasonal vegetables for even more variety. In the cold months, choose parsnips, leeks, Brussels sprouts or chicory, for example. In spring and summer, aubergines, asparagus, cauliflower or courgette are back in season. In addition, soup is ideal for incorporating leftover vegetables or other surpluses = even more variety!
  • Eating soup will also help you take in more water. This will keep you hydrated!


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