Extended Warranty

Is extended guarantee possible for my appliance?

Extended guarantee is possible if you see one of the following logo’s on your packaging.

                LOGO 5 years

                LOGO 10 Years


On the homepage of Fritel (www.fritel.com) under “Extend your guarantee here” you will find an overview of  all the appliances that qualify for an extended guarantee.  It concerns all FRITEL fryers and fondues from our standard range of Starter, Family and Chef. 


Under the product specifications or at the photo.

I registered my device, but I did not yet receive the guarantee certificate per mail.

*If you didn’t receive an email with our reference number, you probably did not complete the registration successfully.   

 *If you did receive a mail with our reference number, but no guarantee certificate nor other mail, please check your ‘spam’ or ‘unimportant’ email.    

*If you don’t receive information from our side within 7 working days, please send a mail to info@fritel.com

Where do I register my appliance for an extended guarantee?

On www.fritel.com – homepage – picture on the bottom right with text “Extend your guarantee here” beneath  

How do I apply for my device for an extended guarantee?

Follow the steps as mentioned hereunder within 45 days of purchase

1. Please make sure you have your proof of purchase nearby. You’ll need the information on this ticket, as well as the ticket itself during the registration process.    

2. Go to www.fritel.com

3.Click on the bottom right beneath (homepage) on the picture with text “Extend your guarantee here” 
4. Choose the appliance you bought in the drop down menu.  You’ll find it as follows: 

*on your proof of purchase

OR *on the packaging

OR *on the  FRITEL-label in the cable compartment or on the bottom of the appliance.

5. Take a copy or picture of the proof of purchase on which the name of the store, the purchase date and the article are clearly readable. Send the proof of purchase as PDF or JPG.  
6. Fill out the required coordinates and click on the bottom “Send”.  If you do not click on send, your application is not complete and we will not receive your request for extension of guarantee.   

Once you have send your request, you will immediately hereafter receive an email with a reference number Please check your “spam” and “unimportant” mail. As soon as you receive our reference number you know that you have correctly fulfilled your registration demand.

Your application will be registered in our system, it will be controlled and if all coordinates are correctly filled out, you will receive your guarantee certificate per mail

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please also consult in this case ‘spam’ and unimportant emails 

IMPORTANT: Save your certificate of guarantee wall, since the link in the mail will only work for 6 months. So, download the certificate and either print and store it or save it as a PDF. 

It is not possible to upload the purchase voucher.

Please control if the file you want to upload is not too big (max 5 MB).
The file needs to be a PDF- or JPG-file. 

You get an error message, although you are sure that it is a PDF- or JPG-file and it does not exceed the 5MB limit?

Please try to complete the registration with another web browser or use a computer instead of a tablet or smartphone 

Where do I find the serial number of my appliance?

You will find the serial number behind your appliance, on the FRITEL-label in the cable department or bottom of the appliance.  Depending on the model you will detect two different types of serial numbers : 


A number existing out of 4 numbers, more specifically 2 numbers/2 numbers 

For example: 24/15 (see picture here beneath)


The number on the label with the EAN code behind the device, in the cable department.  The serial number contains 15 numbers (see picture here beneath) 

 I completed the registration and received my guarantee certificate, but certain coordinates on the certificate are incorrect (f.e. name, year, … )

The approved guarantee requests are automatically attached to your unique guarantee certificate.  Therefore please double check if all coordinates are complete and correctly fulfilled, before you send us your request