Which actions are running at this point?

You can always find the current actions with FREE vouchers on the homepage of our website. When purchasing an appliance, you can see on the packiging if there will be a voucher inside. If you buy online, it is the responsibility of the Webshop to announce if the voucher will be included. 

Reference is made to a voucher on the outside coverage, although there is no voucher in the packaging.

Please send a mail to with notification of your name, address, and the action concerned.  Also add the proof of purchase enclosed in the email.  The voucher concerned (or a voucher with the same value) will be send to the address mentioned in the email.    

Are these vouchers valid everywhere?

You can find information on the voucher in which country they are valid.  Most often the vouchers are valid in Belgium and Luxemburg.  You can exchange them in every store who has these products in his product range.   

Where can I exchange the voucher for the free product (f.e. free frying oil, free package of French fries, etc)?

You can obtain the free product in every store who has the concerning brand/product in his range (f.e. Mc Cain, Vandemoortele, Mora,… etc.). You go to the store, take the indicated product out of the shelter (or one of them if there are more possibilities) you go to the cash register and hand over the voucher in exchange for the product. In other words, you will immediately receive the product for free along with you  .