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Cookie policy

The FRITEL website is using cookies. Of course it is very important that you can control your online privacy yourself. That is why we are informing you about the different types of cookies we are using.


  1. What are cookies
  2. What types of cookies do we use
  3. Online privacy
  4. Blocking and deleting cookies

  1. What are cookies

Cookies are small text files. Your computer, tablet or smartphone is storing these files, when you visit our website. Cookies remember information related to your visit to our website. By using cookies, our website can recognize you during a next visit. Thanks to cookies we are able to detect the preferences of our website visitors, and we can fit the website even more to our customers and constantly optimize it.

  1. What types of cookies do we use

Being able to control your online privacy is important for every user. That is why we are informing you about the different types of cookies we are using.

-Functional cookies: these cookies are necessary cookies and are always stored. They make sure the website runs smoothly. 

-Non-functional cookies: these cookies are only stored on condition that you agree with them being stored. Non-functional cookies have different purposes, but they are also only being used to optimize our services, for instant to display online surveys or relevant advertisements.

  1. Online privacy

By using cookies, personal data are analysed. That is very handy: because websites will recognize you, there is no need i.e. to log in over and over again and websites can give you – according to your previous activities 0n the website – handy suggestions. Nevertheless, it is very important that you can determine for yourself where and when you want to provide your personal data. We are informing you as good and complete as possible in this cookie policy. 

  1. Blocking and deleting cookies

Upon your first visit to our website you will receive a cookie announcement. This will give you the choice not to place the cookies of our website. Through the configuration of your web browser you can block and delete cookies. If you choose to block all cookies, websites will probably run less smoothly. Therefore it is preferable to only block unwanted cookies.