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Service and repairs

*Parts and accessories

Are you looking for an accessory?

Check the product you are looking for on the product page of our website. You’ll find an overview of all the accessories compatible with your Fritel device.

Are you looking for parts?

At the bottom of this web page you’ll find an extended parts list. It is an overview of all the parts compatible with your device and their retail prices. Did you find what you were looking for? Please send us an email containing the details of your device and the desired part. We’ll send you a payment link and as soon as we received your payment, your order will be delivered.

*Service and repairs

Do you have an issue with your device?

Please go to our website and check out our FAQ. Below you'll find answers to common questions our clients usually ask us. Most of the time the issue with your device will be solved quickly. Did you already consult the abovementioned troubleshooting guide and nothing helped? Please contact your point of sale. We are always happy to help. In case you don’t know your point of sale’s details, don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail at

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