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Creative lockdown – make it cozy at home with FRITEL

Every disadvantage has its advantage. So during the lockdown, there is time to make new discoveries, try out inspiring dishes or bake those delicious waffles you never had time for ... and so much more!

Nothing more fun than baking waffles together!

Bake those delicious sweet and savory waffles you never had time for! That is a pleasure for young and old. You will be amazed by the creative recipes.



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Recipe spicy curry-coconut waffles


All FRITEL Waffle irons

FRITEL Hand Blender set XXL HB 2879

Ingredients (+/- 30 pieces):

250 g self-rising flower

¼-½ tbsp baking powder

1.5 dl milk

1 dl coconut milk

100 g melted butter

3 eggs

1 tbsp grated fresh ginger

1-2 tbsp Madras curry powder

salt and pepper to taste



Melt the butter with the curry powder.

Mix all the ingredients together in a large bowl.

Beat to a smooth and fluffy batter.

Heat the waffle iron and wait until the light turns green (only the first time). 

Bake the waffles for about 3.5 minutes in a waffle iron with 4x7 or 6x10 plates.  

Remove the waffles from the waffle iron with a FRITEL waffle fork. 

Garnish with some fresh coconut flakes. 



TIP! These spicy waffles are delicious with (oriental) soup.


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Make sure you get enough vitamins: delicious fresh soups

In the colder months, soups taste so much better, they bring a delicious warmness! Easy and quick to prepare with our soup blenders. Some chopped vegetables, a stock cube, water and let’s go. And 20 minutes later a delicious steaming soup is ready! You can also turn your daily leftovers of vegetables, potatoes or rice into a delicious meal soup for the next day! No food waste! Budget cooking!



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Get the real fun out of fun cooking!

The most cozy period is just around the corner. Despite the strange situation, we certainly make it nice, tasty and cozy. Be inspired by our surprising dishes and fun cooking appliances!

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Recipe Huevos rancheros in a raclette pan


FRITEL Raclette Grill RG 2170/4180 or Stone Grill SG 4180/4195
FRITEL Warming Tray WT 2478 or Cordless Warming Tray WT 3498



For the chili tomato sauce:

400 g canned tomato cubes

2 onions

Fresh red peppers

1 clove of garlic

Olive oil


For the garnish:


Sour cream

Spring onions cut into rings 


In the raclette pan:

12 quail eggs



Chili tomato sauce:

Mince the onions and the fresh red peppers and press the clove of garlic.

Fry them together in some olive oil. 

Add the tomato cubes and leave to simmer.



Halve the avocado and remove the stone, cut the fruit flesh into cubes and remove the cubes from the skin.

Fill a bowl with grated cheddar and one with sour cream.

Put the quail eggs in a basket.


In the raclette pan:

Keep the sauce warm on the Fritel Warming Tray. Put the garnish and quail eggs ready on the table. 

Put some chili tomato sauce in a raclette pan. 

Break a quail egg on top of the chili tomato sauce.

Sprinkle some grated cheddar on it.

Cook the egg under the grill.

Garnish as desired with avocado, sour cream, spring onions.


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Cozy food – easy and delicious

And even when we don't feel like cooking, we make it cozy and tasty. Simple and fast often works too.


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