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Soup Maker

Soup Maker


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Qualitative appliances with unique innovative advantages, multi functionality, large choice, different finishes, larger sizes, user friendly, easy care, elaborated safety characteristics, convenient for small and large families.
SB 2390 Soup Maker & Blender Niet op voorraad

SB 2390 Soup Maker & Blender

-A daily plate o fresh soup full of vitamins? As a meal or as a quickie … With the FRITEL Soup Maker & Blender SB 2390 you prepare fresh soup in no time! For julienne, chunky or smooth soup: fill the large stainless steel jog with vegetables, water o..


SB 2950 Soup Maker

139737 - SB 2950 Soup Maker Making fresh soup is a lot of work? Definitely not with the FRITEL Soup Maker SB 2590. With a few pushes on the button you prepare some delicious hot and perfectly mixed soup. This Soup Maker has a pre-programmed functi..


Soup Maker SB 2970

Making fresh soup is a lot of work? Certainly not with the Fritel Soup Maker SB 2970. Prepare deliciously hot and perfectly mixed soup at the touch of a button. This Soup Maker has a pre-programmed function for smooth mixed soup, coarsely mixed and f..