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CW 2437 Combi Waffle Maker 4x7

CW 2437 Combi Waffle Maker 4x7

  • Brands Fritel
  • Product Code: 142216
  • EAN 5410585422169
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Multifunctional waffle maker
  • Higher wattage
  • For traditional Belgian waffles 4 x 7
  • 14 Different baking plates available
  • 4x7 waffles, Waffles from Brussels/Liège, Heart shaped waffles, Pancakes, Cone, Teppanyaki, Madeleines, 6x10 waffles, Stuffed waffles, Crispy waffles/butter waffles, Tiny pancakes/ blini, Grill, Sandwiches, Crispy waffles
  • Massive die cast aluminium baking plates for an optimal heat conduction
  • Even more accurate temperature control thanks to: • Higher wattage • High performance ‘heat shield’
  • Reversible appliance for a perfect distribution of the dough
  • No adherence thanks to non stick coating
  • Easy to clean thanks to : • Removable baking plates • Dishwasher proof baking plates
  • Practical space saving vertical storage of the appliance
  • Only waffle maker with so much possibilities (to expand)
  • €99.99
  • Ex Tax: €82.64

CW 2437 Combi Waffle Maker 4x7

This unique multifunctional waffle maker is standard equipped with a set of traditional 4x7 waffles. The baking plates in massive die cast aluminium are dishwasher proof and easy to remove. That way you change your waffle maker into another waffle maker, grill, teppanyaki in no time.

There are no less than 14 plates for this appliance you can get separately. Such as waffles from Brussels/Lie?ge, 6x10 waffles, 16x28 waffles, heart shaped waffles, pancakes, cones, tiny pancakes, stuffed waffles but also grill plates, teppanyaki plates, sandwich plates. for everyone.

FRITEL, Tastefully Created !

Adjustable temperature Yes
Number of positions
Easy of use
Collection fat / dough Yes
Rotating waffle maker No
Upright System 105° Yes
Vertical storage Yes
Electric Yes
Function waffle iron Combi-Waffle Maker
Maintenance & Cleaning
Plate diswasher safe Yes
Physical properties
Colour Silver
Depth 34 cm
Height 15.5 cm
Width 36 cm
Dimension plates 26,5 x 20 cm
Extra baking plates available Yes
Extra-available plates Waffles from Brussels/Liège (4x6), Heart shaped Waffles, Pancakes, Cones, Teppanyaki, Madeleines, Traditional Waffles (6 x 10), Stuffed Waffles, Crispy Waffle/Butter Waffle (16x28), Tiny pancakes/Blini, Sandwich, Gaufrettes, Geribbeld
Included plates Belgian Waffles (4x7)
Material plate Aluminium
Non-stick coating Yes
Removable plates Yes
Power 1600 W
Cool Touch Handles Yes
Indicator light On Yes

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Where can I find recipes for this grill?

At our website you can find all kinds of recipes. Click at the banner ‘Recipes’ on the homepage.

When is the CW waffle maker ready for use? What lights have to be lit before one can start baking?

When you put the electrical plug in the outlet a red light will appear automatically. Put the thermostat on position 5 or 6. Wait until the green control lamp lights up (the red light will always stay lit) before adding the dough to the waffle maker. This goes for the first waffle. As of now you can keep on baking.

For a fast heating you should keep the appliance closed.

Are the baking plates allowed in the dishwasher?

The removable baking plates are dishwasher proof and therefore can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Once in a while oil the plates for a long sustainability.

Is it recommended to grease the baking plates?

Before you start baking waffles it is recommended tot grease the baking plates slightly with a little bit of oil. You can do this with some paper towel or with a clean silicon brush. Hint: Use our silicon brush with reservoir. Afterwards the greasing is unnecessary unless you burn the waffles. In that case remove the baking first.

Some clever and essential baking tips?

·         Baking waffles is like pastry: everything needs to be measured precisely and carefully.

·         Use an ice cream scoop (mostly for vanilla waffles) to put your dough on the baking plates quickly and easily.

·         Close the appliance immediately after putting the dough on the baking plates. This will make sure both sides of the waffle are the same colour.

·         Always hold on to the necessary baking time! If the appliance is opened earlier there is a big chance the dough will stick to the baking plates.

·         In case you are using pearl sugar make sure to clean the baking plates regularly, because the pearl sugar will caramelize during baking. Use paper towel or a silicon brush to prevent the non-stick coating from getting damaged.

·         Sieve the flower before use to get a lump-free dough.

·         For the best batter only use ingredients at room temperature.

·         Do not use any dough straight from the refrigerator to bake, either. Get it out of the refrigerator in time so that it is at room temperature.

·         For some waffles fresh yeast is used. In this case, timing is of the essence since yeast takes time to have its effect but gets exhausted if you wait too long. So, when you are using fresh yeast, make sure you are done within one hour. (Especially with waffles of Brussels)

·         The chances of success at every recipe depend on many things. Every small change can have an impact on the end result. So always follow the recipe strictly. As a result not every deviation of taste, colour or result can be interpreted as a technical default of the appliance.

The best recipes, perfectly adapted to the FRITEL waffle maker, are available at

The European legislation for waffle makers has changed a lot in recent years. Because of this there are among others stricter rules concerning the temperature on the lid. It is therefore possible and likely that the baking time is a little longer than with old-fashioned waffle makers. But the end result is still the same. The most delicious waffles in the world, self-made!

How do you take the waffles out of the waffle maker?

Take the waffle out of the waffle maker with a special u-shaped Fritel waffle fork. This waffle fork is inserted horizontally inside the waffle. This way you won’t damage the non-stick coating of your baking plate. The waffle comes out of the appliance whole. Let the waffle cool down on the grid afterwards.

After baking sugar waffles the sugar caked to the baking plates. How should I remove this ?

After baking sugar waffles you’ve got baking plates that are caked with caramelized sugar. This sugar sticks to the plates persistently. There’s a neat trick for this. To get it all cleaned up again you have to make a pulp of cornflour and water (mostly cornflour). As your last waffle bake a cornflour waffle with the pulp. This last cornflour waffle absorbs all the remainders and your baking plates are perfectly clean again. Of course you mustn’t eat this waffle.

My waffles keep on sticking. How is this possible?

·         You didn’t grease your baking plates before baking the first waffle

·         You opened the waffle maker too early and/or repeatedly

·         You didn’t follow the designated recipe

·         You might be using a recipe with insufficient butter or oil

What material are the CW baking plates made of?

The baking plates are made of solid cast aluminium, free of PFOA.

What setting does the thermostat have to be at to bake waffles?

We recommend turning the thermostat to 5 or 6. However it is always a question of finding the best result depending on the dough.

What’s the use of settings 1, 2, 3 and 4 on the thermostat if there is always to be baked at settings 5 and 6?

In the past waffle makers only used to have an On and Off button. This way the waffles couldn’t be defrosted, heated or (in case of grilling plates) kept warm. Thanks to the lower settings this is actually possible now.

How do you get the baking plates out of the appliance for cleaning?

Allow the appliance to cool down completely. Use the clip bracket to detach and remove the plates. The baking plates may be cleaned in the dishwasher. When you wash the baking plates by hand, NEVER use hard brushes but a soft cloth.

Which baking plates fit on my CW appliance?

All CW baking plates fit all CW appliances listed on our website.

The baking plates don’t stay in place and are coming loose. Wat should I do?

You can adjust the clip bracket, which is made of hardened steel, a little. It doesn’t do any harm and it can’t ever become distorted or broken.

How do you attach the baking plates to the CW grill?

To put the baking plates in the appliance conveniently you better stretch the appliance wide open by pushing the unlocking button on the right side. Then position the baking plates first with the pins and then with the clip bracket.

When attaching the waffle of Brussels baking plate you are allowed to put some strength to the clip bracket because this plate is thicker than the other plates. This clip bracket is made of hardened steel so it can’t get deformed or broken.

How do you preserve freshly baked waffles?

Baked waffles can be frozen without a problem. Soft waffles should be kept in a plastic box with lid. Crusty wafers are kept in a closed tin box.

Are the plates removable?

No, the WA1450 has fixed plates in solid cast aluminium for fast and optimum heat conduction.

Where can I find recipes?

 At our website you can find all kinds of recipes.

What are the dimensions of the Brussels waffle baked with the CW 2458?

The dimensions are identical to those of an authentic Brussels waffle, i.e. 12 x 18 x 2.8 cm

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