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Niet op voorraad CP 4177

CP 4177

  • Brands Fritel
  • Product Code: 139745
  • EAN 5410585397450
  • Availability: Niet op voorraad
  • Perfect voor heerlijke sapjes van sinaasappel, limoen, citroen, grapefruit,meloen, ...
  • Citruspers met persarm in stijlvolle inox uitvoering
  • Inclusief 2 perskegels:
  • Klein voor citroenen, limoenen • Groot voor sinaasappelen, pompelmoes, …
  • Inox antidrup sapuitloop en pulp filter
  • Alle onderdelen zijn demonteerbaar en dus onderhoudsvriendelijk
  • Rubberen antislipvoeten
  • Geluidsarme werking
  • €69.99
  • Ex Tax: €57.84
Easy of use
Detachable juice container No
Directly in glass Yes
Drip stop Yes
With pouring spout Yes
Pulp selector No
Electric Yes
Guarantee 2 Years
Maintenance & Cleaning
Dishwasher-safe parts Yes
Physical properties
Bediening met hendel Yes
Colour Black
Material Plastic
Power 85

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Which parts of the Citrus Press CP 3070 are dishwasher safe?

The press cones, the sieve and the lid are dishwasher safe.

Which parts of the Citrus Press CP 4177 are dishwasher proof?

The press cones, juice bowl and stainless steel sieve are dishwasher safe.

The knife cuts into the carriage. What's the cause?

Don't apply too much force to the device and to what you want to cut. Let the machine do its job. If you use too much force, the machine can deform, cut into the carriage or the engine can become overloaded.

Where can I find recipes?

 At our website you can find all kinds of recipes.

Does the machine have 1 knife with which you can cut anything?

The appliance includes 2 knives: a meat knife and a knife for frozen products.

Can the machine fall over during pressing?

The Fritel Citrus Press is fitted with rubber anti-slip feet that adhere to the surface. Always make sure that the appliance stands on a stable, even and dry worktop.

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