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Niet op voorraad Turbo SF 4150

Turbo SF 4150

  • Brands Fritel
  • Product Code: 137235
  • EAN 5410585372358
  • Availability: Niet op voorraad
  • “Cool Zone” fryer with double heating element
  • The ultimate secret of the real Belgian Fries = patented double heating element
  • Up to 50% faster frying
  • More crispy and less greasy fries, therefore healthier
  • Faster, therefore energy-saving
  • Solid fat can be used thanks to the solid fat melting position
  • SAFE: triple safety against overheating
  • For 2-4 persons
  • 10 years of warranty upon online registration
  • €69.99
  • Ex Tax: €57.84

137235 Turbo SF 4150

This FRITEL deep fryer is equipped with a double heating element which allows you to fry up to 50% faster. The fries are seared faster, therefore more crispy, less greasy and healthier. This is the ultimate secret of the real Belgian fries! Unique and patented, only from FRITEL! A nice extra is the special position for melting solid fat.
Classy finish with silver metallic housing and anthracite metallic anti dust lid from synthetic material.

FRITEL, Tastefully Created !

Adjustable temperature Yes
Easy of use
Cool Walls No
Position to melt solid fat Yes
Smell filter No
Type Thermostat Manual between 150° and 190°C
Viewing window No
Capacity fryer (in kg) g
Capacity fryer (in liters) 3 Liter
Cold zone Yes
Frying technology Oil
Function fryer Turbo SF Fryer
Guarantee 10 years of warranty upon online registration Years
Number of persons 2 - 4
Maintenance & Cleaning
Anti-dust cover Yes
Click System Yes
Dishwasher-safe parts Yes
Filter lid No
Fully demountable Yes
Physical properties
Anti-slip feet Yes
Colour Gray, Silver, Black
Finishing material Metallic, Varnished
Form Rectangle
Heating element Double heating element
Material Metal
Material Housing Stainless steel
Secondary color Anthracite
Type of lid Anti dust lid
Power W
Cool Touch Handles Yes
Indicator light On Yes
Safety against overheating Yes
Security Triple safety against overheating

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Where can I find recipes?

 At our website you can find all kinds of recipes.

How do you fry fresh fries?

Baking real Belgian and fresh fries always happens in two steps:

1.   The pre-frying (hereby the fries become cooked): set the fryer to 150°C-170°C (depending on the season and the type of potato) and let the frying oil come to heat. Once the control light goes out you let the fries fry for about 5 minutes (depending on the thickness of your fries). Get the basket with fries out of the fryer and leave it next to the fryer for a couple of minutes or put them in a bowl.
2.   The final frying (hereby the fries become beautifully golden brown and crispy): set the thermostat button to 190°C and let the frying oil warm up. Wait until the indicator light goes out and fry the fries a second time for about 3-4 minutes (depending on how brown you like them), and put them in a bowl with some absorbing paper towel under them.

A few tips:

Always use oil which is suited for hot preparations and appropriate for high temperatures.
Preferably use frying oil of high quality. When you have a FRITEL fryer with TURBO SF® System, you can also fry with frying fat.
NEVER leave the basket with fries hang over the fryer after the first frying session for else the fries will become limp.
NEVER fry two different products at the same frying session. So no fries and croquettes together.
Replace the oil (or the fat) after about ten frying sessions.
Fill the basket up to two-thirds MAXIMUM. Bigger portions give a less crispy result.

Shake the fries frequently so that all sides can get respectively cooked and crispy.

How do you fry frozen fries?

Set the thermostat at 190°C, even if the packaging often indicates a lower temperature. If you set a lower temperature, it will take longer, the fries will be greasier and therefore less crispy. Always make sure that NO ice ends up in the oil. You can prevent this by sifting the fries so that the ice gets separated from the fries to put them in the basket afterwards. Also never let the fries get defrosted before frying them.

For how long and at what temperature are ingredients to be fried?

Below you find the designated temperatures and frying times for frying the most common products. Of course the designated times are purely indicative. After all the frying times can vary strongly depending on the product.

Potato dishes

Fries, pre-frying

4 - 6 min.


Fries, second frying

1 - 2 min.


Potato chips or waffles

3 - 4 min.


Sweet preparations


Doughnut balls, Berliners

3 - 5 min.


Apple fritter

3 - 5 min.



5 - 6 min.


Fish courses


Breaded fish filets

3 - 4 min.


Sole, pike

3 - 5 min.


Trout, cod

3 - 5 min.


Preparations in breadcrumbs


Potato croquettes

3 - 4 min.


Cheese croquettes

2 - 4 min.


Shrimp croquettes

3 - 4 min.


Fish cakes

3 - 4 min.


Crunchy meatball

3 - 4 min.



What types of potatos are the most suited for fries?

The most frequently used potatos for fries are ‘floury’ potatos (so called because of their high starch content). The most famous of those is the BINTJE.

Other types of potatos, suited for fries, are i.a. Agria, Première, Santé, Victoria, Astrix, Fontane, Markies, Ramos.

Which oils are most suited to fry with?

All oils with the mention “for frying” are suited to fry with.

Preferably choose vegetable frying oil, like groundnut oil, rapeseed oil, corn oil or sunflower oil.

Palm and soybean oil are less appropriate for frying because even though they are both high temperature resistant, both oils are high in saturated fats.

Both for taste and health frying fat needs to be replaced regularly. It’s time for clean oil when the oil turns darker and syrupy and when it starts smelling strongly. This is on average after eight to ten frying sessions.

Always use good quality oil. Don’t buy any inferior oil, there it degrades much faster than good quality oil.

If you have a FRITEL fryer with TURBO SF ® System you can also fry with frying fat.

Can one also fry with solid fat?

This is possible if your FRITEL fryer has a Turbo SF® System. You can then melt the fat in the fryer directly. How do you do this? Divide the block of solid fat in little pieces and spread them directly and evenly on the heating element (and so not in the basket). Turn the thermostat onto the position for melting solid fat and wait until all the frying fat has melted. Choose the desired frying temperature only when all the fat has melted completely. When the indicator light has gone out the desired temperature has been reached and the fryer is set to fry.

After frying the fat will automatically become solid again. Thereafter always use the fat melting position first until the solid fat has melted completely and only then set the desired temperature.

How often do you need to replace the frying oil?

Furthermore keep in mind that certain products will destroy your fat completely, like paprika, parsley, bacon, cheese. Finally oil of inferior quality will often be cheaper, but this will also much quicker need replacing.
That depends on different things. Firstly the time to replace the oil (or frying fat) depends on what you are frying. If you only fry fries your fat will last much longer then when you fry cheese croquettes, crunchy meatballs, satays, … We recommend to replace the frying oil (or the frying fat) after about 10 frying sessions.

How much fries can one fry at a time?

For an optimal result with crispy fried fries we recommend to use the following max. quantities:

•       Frozen fries: max. 150 gr per liter oil
•       Fresh fries: max. 100 gr per liter oil

How do I clean the fryer?

For starters remove the power plug from the electrical outlet and let the fryer cool down completely before dismounting the fryer. First remove the basket, then the control panel with heating element and finally the tub.

NEVER plunge the control panel in water or any other liquid. Only cleanse it with a moist towel. Depending on the material of the fryer the parts may or may not be cleaned in the dishwasher:

•       Stainless steel fryer: stainless steel housing, lid, tub can be cleaned in the dishwasher or of course in hot soapy water.

•       Synthetic fryer: synthetic housing and lid, stainless steel tub can be cleaned in the dishwasher or of course in hot soapy water.

•       Lacquered metallic fryer: this material may NOT go in the dishwasher. Only clean with hot suds. In the dishwasher there could be decolouring as a result of aggressive detergents.

The frying basket can be cleaned in hot soapy water with a dishwashing brush. Never let the basket soak in the soapy water in order to avoid oxidation.

To clean your fryer easily, quickly and safely we recommend using the FRITEL cleaner for fryers. Fill the tub of the fryer with hot water over 40°C and add about 10 caps of FRITEL cleaner for fryers. Let the product work for about 20 minutes and empty the tub afterwards.

Rinse thoroughly and dry off with a soft cloth. Your tub looks as good as new! The FRITEL cleaner for fryers is based on natural enzymes and therefore it is environmentally friendly, bio-degradable and NON-toxic. The FRITEL cleaner for fryers can also be used on all surfaces, i.e. lacquered metal, synthetics, stainless steel…

Why does the heating element of the fryer decolourise?

Once the heating element warms up to high temperatures and makes contact with the oil decolouration kicks in. it’s perfectly normal and unavoidable.

What to do when your fryer stopped working?

To avoid bringing your appliance to your retail store unnecessarily check the following 4 things yourself first:If it is none the above defects, contact your retail store.

·       Is the appliance mounted correctly?

Behind the housing there are two sliding brackets. They are vertical synthetic brackets that connect the housing to the control panel. If the control panel isn’t applied correctly on the sliding brackets the fryer won’t work. This is for your own safety.

·       Has your fryer jumped to safety?

For your safety the fryer turns itself off sometimes. The fryer can however be put into operation again by pressing the RESET button. This RESET button is located at the back in the cable storage and is red.

·       Does the tub fit ok?

The tub needs to be placed in the housing with the side with the notch faced to the control panel.

·       Are the sliding brackets intact?

One of both sliding brackets has a stop pin that puts the fryer into action electronically every time you mount it. If this stop pin has broken the fryer will not work. In that case contact your retail store with the details of your fryer (purchase date, fryer model, production date, …). These details are retrievable in the cable storage at the backside of the fryer.

When can the fryer boil over?

The frying oil contains a lot of water: alimentations consist of water for a great deal. This goes as well for fresh products as for frozen ones. Fresh potatoes consist for 75% of water.

During the first frying session they lose about 65% of this water, which means that this water ends up in the oil, where it sinks to the bottom (Cold Zone). The Cold Zone however warms up slightly and reaches 100°C. At that moment the water turns into steam which has a lower specific weight than water. Hence your oil may start bubbling and boiling over. Our patented Turbo SF® System precludes the phenomenon of dangerous splashes under the condition of normal use of your fryer.

HINT: Always dry off your fries thoroughly before frying them
HINT: Shake off frozen fries in a sieve first to remove excess ice.

The frying oil is due for replacement: if the oil is (too) dirty it can also start bubbling or boiling over. Replace the oil in that case. It doesn’t suffice to partially add clean oil.

The frying basket is too full: the quantity of fried goods that fits in your fryer is determined by the volume of your fryer. We recommend you never exceed more than 150 grams of fried goods per liter capacity.

The handle of the basket falls down?

The handle of the basket has not been pushed backwards far enough or the handle of the basket is too loose. In the first case: apply a little force on the handle, pull it back all the way so that it stays put. This way it cannot fall down anymore. In the second case it is best to take the handle of the basket and bend the legs a little more in order for them to close more tightly. Next attach the handle back to the basket and stretch it back again until it stays put.

There is smoke coming from the fryer. What could it be?

Different causes are possible:

·  Not enough frying oil. Please respect the min. level in the tub. It is indicated in the tub with a line and the word MIN next to it.

·  Wrong or too old or “damaged” oil.

° Damaged oil: Certain ingredients make frying oil instantly useless like herbs (paprika, parsley, …), bacon, onion, …
° Too old oil: Outdated frying oil or already too much fried with
° Wrong oil: Not every oil is suited to use heated

SOLUTION: Replace the oil in all of the case above.

The sliding bracket doesn’t click through all the way and therefore the fryer doesn’t work?

It is possible that some fat or oil have deposited on the sliding bracket as a result of which the electrical installation  can not be placed far enough on the sliding bracket. Therefore, an electrical connection is not possible for your fryer and it will not work. The solution is simple: degrease/clean the sliding bracket thoroughly and mount the electrical installation again.

What is the difference between an anti-dust lid and a filter lid?

An anti-dust lid only serves to store the fryer dust free. Under no circumstances can this anti-dust lid be placed on the fryer while heating, frying or cooling down. At all time the oil needs to be cooled down completely.

A filter lid may well be placed on the fryer while heating, baking and cooling down.

What is a Cold Zone?

The resistance of the fryer hangs directly in the frying oil. You do not have to wait long, in no time the oil reaches the desired temperature. What's more, the frying residues sink into the Cold Zone and do not burn. The frying oil lasts up to 3 times longer.

What does Turbo SF mean?

Besides a Cold Zone these fryers are equipped with a patented double heating element. We call this Turbo SF. The advantages of the double heating element are:

·            Up to 50% faster frying

·            More crispy and less greasy fries, therefore healthier

·            Quicker, therefore also energy-saving
·            Use of solid fat is possible thanks to the unique solid fat melting position

What is FryTastic?

The Fritel FryTastic fryer also features the Turbo SF system and on top of that offers the following extras:

·       Digital control with exact frying temperatures

·       Push-turn-confirm service
·       Automatic switch off after 2 hours ánd after error detection

·       Sound signal ‘ready'

·       Backlit display
·       Electronically operated fat melting position

Where can one find the nameplate with the serial number?

The nameplate is located on the backside of the fryer, on the inside of the cable storage.

How much warranty does one have on their FRITEL fryer?

-      Legal warranty conditions

A.   For electrical household appliances of FRITEL, purchased in Europe, the following legal warranty terms apply:

*    two years in case of normal domestic use
      The warranty starts from the date of purchase by the consumer. Keep your purchase ticket to benefit this warranty.

B.   Provisions of the legal warranty:

*    The warranty covers the repairing and/or the free replacing of parts that are considered default, whereby the default is due to material, constructional or fabrication errors.

*    The warranty is only valid for the first consumer and is not transmissible.

*    The shipment costs (there and back) are always charged to the consumer.

*    The warranty is only provided after presentation of the purchase ticket.

*    The warranty can’t be requested for normal wear.

C.   The warranty expires automatically in the next occasions:

*    Wrong connection, e.g. too high electrical voltage,…

*    Wrong, improper, abnormal or professional use.

*    Insufficient or wrong maintenance.

*    Repairing or modification by NON authorised thirds.

*    Removal and/or change of identification numbers.

*    NON compliance of the instructions mentioned in the user’s manual.

Where can a consumer go with questions and remarks?

J. van Ratingen PLC

Stadsheide 11

3500 Hasselt (Belgium)


The manual says that there is a reset button on the back of the control panel, but I only see an opening and no red button. Is this normal or is this a production error?

This is perfectly normal.  The red reset button only pops out when the deep fryer goes into safety.

What is the difference between a Turbo SF and a FryTastic fryer?

Turbo SF:
In addition to a Cold Zone, these fryers are equipped with a patented double heating element. We call this Turbo SF. The advantages of the double heating element are:
- Up to 50% faster frying
- Crispier and less fatty fries, so healthier
- Faster, so also more energy efficient
- Use of solid grease is possible, thanks to the unique grease melting position.

The FryTastic deep fryer is also equipped with the Turbo SF system, and offers the following extras:
- Digital control with exact baking temperatures
- Pressure-turn-control
- Automatic switch-off after 2 hours and in case of error detection
- Audible signal 'ready'
- Illuminated display
- Electronically controlled grease melting function

What can the FF1400 be used for?

It is a compact fryer so you can use it to fry small portions of fries, croquettes or snacks. It can serve as a handy second deep fryer.
The appliance can also be used as a fondue appliance: meat fondue, Chinese fondue, cheese fondue, chocolate fondue, ...

Can I put the plastic lid on the deep fryer while frying?

No, this is just an anti-dust lid for safe storage of the deep fryer. The lid is dishwasher proof, however.

Can I place the lid on the deep fryer while frying?

Yes, as the FryTastic 5371 has a filter cover with viewing window. This has the advantage that it prevents oil splashing and you can still see when your fries or snacks are ready. The lid is also dishwasher safe.

What are the advantages of the FryTastic?

The Fritel FryTastic deep fryer also has the Turbo SF system, and offers the following extras and advantages:

- Turbo SF System = Patented double heating element:

◦ frying up to 50% faster

◦ healthier: crispier and less fatty fries

◦ faster so more energy efficient

◦ use of solid fat is possible thanks to the unique fat melting setting

- Cold Zone:

◦ Baking residues do not burn and sink to the bottom

◦ Deep-frying oil stays clear and lasts 3 times longer

- Digital control with exact baking temperatures

- Push-turn-confirmed operation

- Automatic switch-off after 2 hours of inactivity and in the event of overheating

- Audible signal 'ready to bake

- Illuminated display

- Electronically controlled fat melting function

- 4 safety devices: thermostat, microswitch, 2 fail safes

- Maintenance friendly:

◦ fully dismountable

◦ tub, cover and lid are dishwasher safe

◦ Click System for easy cleaning of the tub rim

What purposes can the FF1200 be used for?

It is a compact fryer so you can use it to fry small portions of fries, croquettes or snacks. It can serve as a handy second deep fryer.

What are the advantages of the Profi 4620/4920 deep fryer?

Thanks to the robust drain valve, you no longer have to carry the deep fryer in order to empty it, which is useful in a professional environment.

What are the advantages of a Profi fryer?

Professional "Cold Zone" deep fryer:
o Fry residues do not burn and sink to the bottom
o Frying oil stays clear and lasts 3 times longer
Turbo SF System = Patented double heating element:
o Frying up to 50% faster
o healthier: crispier and less fatty fries
o faster and thus more energy-efficient
Covering System:
o Stainless steel jacket, cover plate, anti-dust lid and tub are dishwasher safe
Cool Touch handles to prevent you from burning yourself (is only for the 3355-3505-3855)
Fully dismountable
Non-slip feet
3-fold protection against overheating

Is the Turbo SF safe?Ist der Turbo SF sicher?

The Turbo SF has 3 safeguards against overheating:
- Thermostat
- Micro switch
- Fail safe

Is the Turbo SF maintenance friendly?

Fully dismountable
Depending on the fryer's material, parts may or may not be cleaned in the dishwasher:
o Stainless steel deep fryer: Stainless steel mantle, stainless steel lid, stainless steel tub can be cleaned in the dishwasher or of course in hot soapy water.
o Plastic deep fryer: plastic jacket and plastic lid, stainless steel tub can be cleaned in the dishwasher or of course in hot soapy water.
o Lacquered metal deep fryer: This material must NOT be put in the dishwasher. Only clean with hot soapy water. Discolouration may occur in the dishwasher as a result of the aggressive detergents.
Click System for easy cleaning of the tub rim

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