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Inspiration for the very best family moments

In recent years, we learnt the true value of being together. 'Seeing each other' was no longer a given. We lived in isolation. Initially, this may have given us a sense of peace. Meanwhile, we know that we need human interaction as much as oxygen. Fortunately, that period is behind us and we can socialise to the full again. Being together is something everyone wants, it is even transgressive. No matter what origin, religion or belief, together is always more fun! Our calendar is full of fun family moments. Just think of first barbecues, Easter, Mother's Day, the Sugar Festival, communion parties, spring parties,....  
What makes a party or gathering perfect? Enjoying delicious food! After all, that too brings people together. FRITEL is here to provide cosy and tasty moments for everyone, no matter what age, culture, or nationality. 

The first BBQ! 

The first hint of sun breaks through the clouds, albeit still cautiously, but already full of warm positive energy. Finally, we can get back into that garden and prepare for spring. Invite your family or friends over for the first early barbecue of the year! Put on a coat and possibly place another fire basket for cosiness. If you don't want the hassle of charcoal or gas, then an electric BBQ is for you. This one is exceptionally sturdy with a large grilling surface and has a dishwasher-safe grill plate!  The electric grill is also removable and can easily be used, both inside and outside the house, as a table grill. Moreover, it heats up very quickly. So you don't have to wait too long in the cold for coals to heat up. 

Don't have a garden but do have a terrace? Then an electric BBQ is definitely the solution! It does not take up so much space and is allowed in apartment buildings, which is not the case with charcoal or gas barbecues.  

To make the BBQ party complete, simply put your deep fryer outside and fry delicious chips. Voilà, no better way to kick off spring with your family or friends!

Easter, surely not at a restaurant again?

No, of course not! The tastiest Easter brunch is easily prepared at home. The costs won't skyrocket. After the children have collected eggs, relax at the table (inside or outside) with a breakfast of boiled eggs from the EC 1475. Fry bacon on a teppanyaki and bread rolls in the SnackTastic Duo 8180. Fancy something sweet? Then bake a delicious full waffle in the WA 2224 Top Fill Waffle maker. A cup of coffee or glass of fruit juice on the side, that's all it takes! 

Such a delicious brunch can also be made for Mother's or Father's Day! Even more, give your sweet mother an EC 1475 Egg Cooker or WA 2224 Top Fill Maker that she can use immediately. Father can please you with a trendy deep fryer or even an electric BBQ !

Just back from a skiing holiday or still reminiscing about the snow?

Enjoy a real traditional cheese raclette together with CR 1895 Cheese raclette & grill. Moreover, this FRITEL appliance can do much more than just melt cheese. How about a mini pizza or goat's cheese as a starter, or potatoes au gratin with cheese and a crème brulée for dessert? The griddle on top of the appliance can be used to grill cheese sandwiches at the same time, but it can also be used to cook meat, fish, vegetables,... on it!

What shall we drink on our very first summer terrace?

Do you have a swimming pool? April is usually the perfect month to reheat the water, and redecorate your 'pool bar'. Nothing like thinking about the most creative drinks and snacks to enjoy by the pool. How about a tasty cocktail or mocktail with crushed ice, prepared in the blender. By the way, did you know you can even prepare mocktails and smoothies in the Soup Maker?  If you want to prepare several snacks, for a larger group of people, the SnackTastic Duo 8180 is the perfect solution. 


May, party month!

Communion or spring party planned? Then expect a large group of family. Don't panic, FRITEL buffet to the rescue. Enlist some uncles or nieces, and organise a buffet together. Fry meats on the teppanyaki or electric BBQ, you can prepare a vegetable dish beforehand in the SlowCooker or you can cook crispy vegetables on the spot in the SnackTastic Duo 8180 (refer to recipe). Fry fries or croquettes on the side and, if necessary, provide a cold dish with various vegetables to complete the buffet. That's all it takes to give your family and especially your little one a wonderful party! 


No stress during all these pleasant moments together, but conviviality, positive energy and delicious food. Above all, 'seeing enjoyment' makes for enjoyment. Looking for a kitchen appliance to make your family moment perfect? Discover our full range!