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Winter barbecue

Barbecue in wintertime? It is possible! Wear a thick coat, hat and scarf, or a warm blanket, and you can organise the cosiest party with your friends or family in the healthy open air. Because, we have a lot of catching up to do!

Tip 1: Prepare small, bite-sized dishes

Small barbecue dishes on small plates can be eaten standing or sitting, possibly close to a fire pit: slices of marinated steak, chicken satay between a roll or tasty ribs... And in the fresh air they taste all the better.

Tip 2: Electric barbecue

With an electric barbecue you can grill anywhere, also in a smaller city garden, or even on a terrace. Moreover, it heats up very quickly and is extremely safe.

Tip 3: Warm yourself with a cup of soup 

Put some fresh vegetables and herbs in a Soup Maker, and it does the rest. While you're chatting with your guests, a Soup Maker will prepare your soup in just 20 minutes. No need to worry!

Tip 4: Extra side dish?

With a separate induction hot plate, you can even add an extra side dish, like some Provençal sauce.