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Orange Waffles



150 ml freshly pressed orange juice (sieved)
If desired some zest (grated peel)
100 gm dairybutter (melted)
100 gm powdered sugar
125 gm flour
3 eggs
100 gm chopped almonds
1 pinch of baking powder
Pinch of salt


Mix the powdered sugar, butter, salt and zest until you have a foamy mixture.
Then add theeggs one by one and whisk. Now add the orange juice and mix thoroughly.
Mix in adifferent bowl the flower, baking powder and the almonds and add this mixture to the orange mixture while whisking.
Take your FRITEL Waffle Maker with the baking plates for heart shaped waffles or for the 6x10 waffles and turn the thermostat into position 5 or 6. As soon as the appliance has achieved the desired temperature, grease the plates with some melted butter
Scoop the dough with a large spoon or ice scoop in both halves and close the lid. Let them bake for approximately 2 minutes.
Remove the waffles with a waffle fork and let them cool down on a grid.