FRITEL Cheese Raclette - Grill CR 1895

Experience the atmosphere and cosiness of a Swiss chalet with this traditional cheese raclette. You can also do a lot more than just melt some cheese. How about a mini pizza or a small goat cheese as a starter, or gratin dauphinois with the main course and a crème brulée for dessert? The grilling plate on the upperside of the appliance can simultaneously be used to grill small pieces of bread that can be served with the cheese, and you can use it to grill meat, fish, vegetables,… as well ! With this appliance it is all possible. Delicious for the hostess who can remain seated at the table from appetizer to dessert and fun for the guests! Let the party begin…

- Fritel, Tastefully Created!

Cheese Raclette - Grill CR 1895

Only available on the regional sites (Belgium, France, Germany, Luxemburg and the Netherlands). Choose your region at the bottom of this page.

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  Cheese Raclette - Grill CR 1895
Unique product features
Chopping function -
Mixing function -
Crushed ice function -
Dishwasher-safe (nvt)
Pre-programmed functions -
Cool Touch handles
Technical characteristics
Power (W) 600
Number of bowls -
Volume (L) -
Material of cup / jug -
Number of speeds / modes (nvt)
Knife material -
( There are no comparable apliances )

Product specifications

Unique product features
Smoothie function
Interval function
Chopping function
Mixing function
Keep Warm function
Control panel Manual
Non-skid feet
Cool Touch handles
Dishwasher-safe (nvt)
Overheating protection
Automatic switch-off
Release button
Pre-programmed functions
Technical characteristics
Power (W) 600
Volume (L)
Number of speeds / modes (nvt)
Material Lacquered metal housing
Knife material
Speed (rpm)
On / off button
Colour Black

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Frequently asked questions

How do I clean the CR1695 cheese raclette?

The parts are not dishwasher proof. However, the appliance does have a removable heat reflector so that it can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth.

What are the functions of the CR1895 cheese raclette?

The appliance has 4 functions:

  • Aperitif snacks: goat`s cheese with bacon, mini pizza, bruschetta, ...
  • EMain course: cheese gratin, gratin dauphinous, ...
  • EDessert: crème brûlée
  • EGrilling plate: small pieces of meat or fish, grilling vegetables or bruschetta