FRITEL Dehydrator DH 2025

In times of healthy food is our Dehydrator DH 2025 a must-have. It is a great appliance to re-use your leftovers or to process your profit from the vegetable garden into tasty, long lasting snacks, sweets, breakfast cereals… Making your own granola or healthy sweets, drying meat or fruit yourself? This appliance can do it all! It is perfect to combine with your own vegetables garden. In short: one appliance with lots of (healthy) opportunities.

- Fritel, Tastefully Created!

Dehydrator DH 2025

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  Dehydrator DH 2025
Unique product features
Number of trays 5
Capacity (m²) -
Technical characteristics
Power (W) 250
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Product specifications

Unique product features
Non-skid feet
Control panel Manual
Technical characteristics
Capacity (m²)
Number of trays 5
Material Synthetic
Colour Stainless steel
Dimensions baking tray baking or grilling surface (cm) 24,5 x 31,5
Thermostat type Continuously adjustable
Indicator light
Power (W) 250
On / off button
Adjustable temperature (°C) 35 - 70
Adjustable thermostat

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Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to dry different types of food at the same time?

Yes, the appliance has 5 large plastic trays so that the ingredients can dry separately but at the same time. Thanks to the temperature control system (Dry Balance Technology) everything is dried evenly.

What foods can be dried with this appliance?

You can use it to dry vegetables, fruit, herbs, fish and meat.