FRITEL Meat Grinder MG 2570

Fresh minced meat, delicious homemade steak tartare, homemade hamburgers, or do you prefer delicious sausages? With the FRITEL meat grinder everything is possible. Furthermore, you know exactly what’s inside. And you can spice everything to your own taste. Or what do you think of preparing kibbeh? Never tried before? It is definitely to be recommended. Create your own fantastic variations and discover the chef inside of you!

- Fritel, Tastefully Created !

Product specifications

Meat Grinder MG 2570 (146600)

Only available on the regional sites (Belgium, France, Germany, Luxemburg and the Netherlands). Choose your region at the bottom of this page.

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  Meat Grinder MG 2570
Unique product features
Removable blade Ja
Technical characteristics
Power (W) 400
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Product specifications

Unique product features
Removable blade Ja
Type of knife Smooth
Non-skid feet
Cord storage
Control panel Manual
Technical characteristics
Knife material Metal
Material Metal
Colour Black
Power (W) 400
On / off button

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Frequently asked questions

What can you prepare with the meat grinder?

Minced meat, home-made sausages, hamburgers and steak tartare. With the additional attachements supplied, you can also make your own Kibbeh: these are traditional meatballs from the Middle East. They are made with a mixture of bulgur and minced meat and are deep-fried afterwards.

How long can you use the device?

Never use the appliance for more than 10 minutes at a time. The appliance is intended for domestic use, not for professional use.

How do you maintain the meat grinder?

All parts, except the motor unit, can be cleaned in hot soapy water but are NOT dishwasher safe. Clean the parts immediately after use and dry them. Rub the grinding chamber with vegetable oil and then wrap them in greaseproof paper to prevent discoloration/rust.
TIP: to prevent residue in the grinding chamber, always pass a slice of bread through the grinding chamber after using the meat mincer.

What steps should I take in case of a blockage?

If the device is blocked, press the `reverse` button (REV). The worm screw  will turn in the opposite direction and release the blocking part. If you cannot remove the blockage with the `reverse` function, switch off the unit. Unplug the appliance and only then take it apart (repeat the various steps of "assembling the meat office If you cannot solve the problem with the "reverse" button, take the appliance to an authorised repair shop or sales point.

How can I easily store the many accessories?

The storage compartment at the back of the motor unit is suitable for storing the grinding plates. The pusher is suitable for storing the sausage and kibbeh attachments.  The storage compartment at the bottom of the motor unit is suitable for storing the electric cord.