FRITEL Waffle Maker WA 2224

Product specifications

Waffle Maker WA 2224 (142820)

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  Waffle Maker WA 2224
Unique product features
Removable baking trays -
For liquid dough
Extra baking trays available -
Non-stick coating
Technical characteristics
Baking tray material Aluminium
Number of thermostat positions 5
Material Synthetic
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Product specifications

Unique product features
Type of waffles American breakfast waffles
Non-stick coating
Extra baking trays available
Removable baking trays
Grease/dough collection
Upright System 105°
Vertical storage
Ready sound signal
Cord storage
Non-skid feet
Lock function
Technical characteristics
Dimensions baking tray baking or grilling surface (cm) 32 x 16,3 x 29,4
Baking tray material Aluminium
Thermostat type Manual
Number of thermostat positions 5
Indicator light
Number per bake 4
Material Synthetic
Colour Silver metallic
Power (W) 800

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Frequently asked questions

How do I make the perfect waffle with the Top Fill Waffle Maker?

The best recipes, perfectly suited to the FRITEL Top Fill Waffle Maker, can be found on the recipe page of FRITEL using the search term WA 2224

How do I clean the Top Fill Waffle Maker?

Let the applicace cool off entirely. Moisten a soft cloth in warm water with some detergent. Wring out the cloth thoroughly and rub the plates clean. Never use dischwashing brushes, as these can damage the non-stick coating of the baking trays.The rest of the appliance can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Tips for baking waffles with the Top Fill Waffle Maker

  • Always fill the measuring spoon completely and always use liquid waffle batter
  • Always wait until the green indicator light comes on before adding the dough to the waffle maker.
  • Never open the waffle maker before you hear the sound signal.
  • Open the appliance slowly so that the waffle does not fall out. Remove the waffle with a special U-shaped fork. Insert this fork into the side of the waffle. In this way, you will not damage the non-stick coating of the baking plates, nor will you damage the waffle.
  • With soft waffles, it is advisable to place a plate under the appliance to catch the waffle.
  • If you find that your waffles do not come off easily, you can rub a little oil on the baking plates (only for each first baking)
  • For some waffles frech yeast is used. in this case, timing is of the essence since yeast takes time to have its effect but gets exhausted if you wait too long. So, when you are using fresh yeast, make sure you are done within one hour (especially with waffles of Brussels)