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I participated on the action, but did not receive any payment after 5 weeks on my account.

Please check following things:

*Check if you transmitted the correct/complete IBAN number to us.   

*Check if you followed all conditions :

                -Purchase of a waffle plate + extra plates

                -During the period of validity of the promotional action

                -Registered  and send electronically

-Send all original documents to us per postal envelope within the determined period. 

-Per post: original barcodes  (no copies or photos) and proof of purchase voucher within action period!

Should you have participated to the promotion, but you did not receive your payment within the 5 working weeks, your participation was invalid. A participation is invalid, if not all conditions were strictly followed. You can always consult the conditions on

How can I apply for the Cashback?

This action is only valid for purchases within the territory of Belgium, The Netherlands or Luxembourg. 

1. You have to buy during the action period a FRITEL CW device AND at least one extra set of FRITEL backing plates.  
2.Go to, click on the action “Cash Back” and fill out the participation form.    
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Fill out all obligated fields (recognisable by the red star) complete and correct and push the button on the bottom “Send”.  Watch out! If you do not send us the forms by postal envelope, but only fill it out and print it, it does not count as a valid participation.  
3. Send an envelope with all necessary documents to Fritel, Stadsheide 11, B-3500 Hasselt.
 The envelope needs to contain following forms: 

- A copy of proof of purchase on which the date of purchase, name of the store and articles are clearly readable.   .
- The complete filled out and printed participation form of the cash back action. You will find this form under the action “Cash back’ on
- The original barcodes of the device AND of the extra backing plates, cut out of the packaging.  Photos or pictures of the barcodes do not give us any certainty against fraud and can therefore not be considered as valid.  

As soon as we have your online registration as your envelope and all necessary documents before 15/02/2019,your registration is valid and pay back will be done within 5 working weeks at the account as transmitted by yourself. IMPORTANT: Make sure your bank account number is correct. 

Which products apply for the Cashback action?

Bei den Informationen zur Aktion auf dieser Website, d.h., wenn Sie auf der FRITEL Startseite ‚Cashback‘ anklicken, und auf den Flyern der Aktion sehen Sie, welche Geräte daran teilnehmen. 

I do not have the original barcodes or refuse to damage the packaging. Can I send a photo or a copy of the barcodes?

Unfortunately not.  Photos or copies do not offer us certainty of authenticity.  They can be copies several times and might lead to fraudulent participation 

When is this action valid?

The action is valid for purchases of the participating appliances during the period mentioned on the cashback.  Your online registration AND the required forms need to be in our possession at least one month after closure of the action.  We handle all applications with a postal date until 30 days after closure of the action, even if they arrive later.   

I bought my waffle plate and other plates in different locations and at different timings during the validity of the action/promotion period. Do I still qualify?

Yes of course, as long as the different purchase dates with proof of purchase are within the action/promotion period and in Benelux.   

I bought an appliance where there was already an extra set of baking plates in the packaging. Does this purchase apply for the action/promotion?

Yes, your purchase may apply as it can meet the promotional conditions (1 CW appliance + at least 1 extra set of backing plates).  

I have bought the device and ordered the baking plates….

If you ordered an appliance with 1 or more extra baking plates, but they are not in stock at the moment of the action/promotion, you can still apply for the “cash back” action/promotion if the baking plates have already been paid.     
IMPORTANT NOTICE: You clearly need to mention by means of proof of purchase and order confirmation, that you bought and paid the device and baking plates within the valid promotional period.  

I already had an appliance and I now bought extra plates, does my purchase qualify?

Unfortunately not.  Your participation is only valid when you buy at least one appliance and an extra set of baking plates.    

I received the appliance as a gift and do not dispose therefore of a purchase ticket or barcodes, can I still participate?

Unfortunately your participation in only valid, if you fulfil all conditions.  If you can obtain via the dealer of via the person who gave you this gift, the necessary forms (proof of purchase and the packaging to obtain the original barcodes), you can complete your registration.