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Taste spring: discover the flavours of the season

Spring is in the country! Time for drinks and barbecues. Is the sun not out yet? No problem! Our spring suggestions taste great indoors too. Discover our latest spring suggestions here.

Cooking outside Seasonal cooking Christmas and New Year Tips & Tricks

Barbecue weather

The first rays of sunshine of the year, we should celebrate. Get together with friends and family to enjoy a delicious BBQ in the backyard! Not a fan of coal or gas BBQ? Then an electric BBQ is the perfect solution. It heats up in no time, and is ideal for smaller gardens or even your flat terrace. Throw juicy chicken pieces, crispy vegetable skewers and flavourful jacket potatoes on the grill. Marinate the chicken with herbs and citrus flavours, and make a delicious chilli lime butter for the corn cobs. As the aromas of grilling fill the air, you can socialise and enjoy each other's company.

Fresh morning

Give your morning a boost with a tasty and healthy smoothie! Mix fresh fruit, green leafy vegetables and some milk or yoghurt for a breakfast full of vitamins and minerals. Choose a classic combination like banana and spinach or opt for a tropical mix of mango, pineapple and coconut water. Start your day off right and give yourself an energy boost with our blenders!

Terrace weather

It is, of course, time again to enjoy terraces. No better way to start than with a tasty cocktail. Let yourself be tempted by a sparkling ginger-lime mocktail or a fruity piña colada.

Here are some refreshing recipes for a delicious mock- or cocktail !

Cheerful spring soups from the Soup Maker

Healthy, easy and versatile. With our Soup maker, you can make fresh soup throughout all seasons in an instant. Add your favourite vegetables and ingredients, press the desired setting and the appliance does all the work. With the Soup maker, making soup is child's play