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SC 2090 Slowcooker 3,3L

SC 2090 Slowcooker 3,3L

  • Brands Fritel
  • Product Code: 142113
  • EAN 5410585421131
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Slow is more taste, more aroma, more for less money
  • Deliciously simple, everyone can cook with a Slow Cooker ‘Diamond’ Design
  • Ideal for all dishes that need a long cooking time such as stews, soups, sauces
  • Cheaper: Because even the toughest meat turns super soft thanks to the slow cooking
  • More tasty: Because all aromas are kept
  • Healthier: Because you don’t need any fat
  • Economical: Ideal for cleaning up the fridge
  • Beautiful to serve at the table
  • Dishwasher proof
  • 1-4 Persons
  • Keramische pot
  • Praktisch en uitneembaar
  • €49.99
  • Ex Tax: €41.31
Adjustable temperature Yes
Keep warm function Yes
Simmer function Yes
Content 3,3 Liter
Guarantee 2 Years year
Maintenance & Cleaning
Dishwasher-safe parts Yes
Removable pan Yes
Physical properties
Colour Black
Material lid Glass
Battery included? No
Power 150 W
Cool Touch Handles Yes

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Which parts of the Slow Cooker are dishwasher proof?

The ceramic pot and the glass lid are dishwasher proof. The base of the appliance may only be cleansed with a moisturised cloth, so not in the dishwasher.

What is the Slow Cooking actually and what are the advantages?

Slow Cooking is slowly cooking dishes at a low temperature, without or with very little fat. This results in pure, intense flavours releasing and fusing all the aromas in an optimal way. Aromas and herbs come to their full advantage. Slow Cooking is very suitable for cleaning up your refrigerator, half a courgette, a tomato, some parsley too, … throw it all together, exquisitely delicious every time.

Can the food get burned or stuck to the pot?

Thanks to the slow heat distribution in the ceramic pot nothing will boil over and nothing will burn. You do need to keep the lid on at any time though, or else all the liquid evaporates and yet a risk at sticking or burning rises.

What dishes are most suited to prepare with a Slow Cooker?

The Slow Cooker is ideal for dishes that need to cook for a long time. Just think about stews, soups, sauces, … Even the toughest meat will become super tender thanks to the slow cooking.

How long does a preparation with the Slow Cooker take?

The most recipes with raw meat and vegetables take about 6 to 8 hours on the LOW position or 4 hours on the HIGH position.

Any other practicalities?

Meat that is being cooked in the Slow Cooker doesn’t turn brown. If you wish it did then first bake the meat in a separate pan and put it in the Slow Cooker next. Leave herbs and spices whole where possible. This gives more aromas. Use the WARM position to keep preparations warm at the right temperature. Rice, pasta and noodles are not suited to cook for long. Preferably cook them apart and only add them during the last 30 minutes.

Does the lid have to stay on the pot during the cooking?

Yes, remove the lid as less as possible during the cooking. Opening it will slow the cooking process. Always use an oven glove to take the lid off and always do this slowly turning away from yourself to let the steam escape carefully.

My dish is too watery. How is this possible?

Water or moisture in the Slow Cooker doesn’t evaporate like with cooking traditionally. Do you rely on your “standard” recipe then reduce the amount of fluids used. Exception: soup and rice. Afterwards you can always still add extra fluids if necessary. However if the preparation is too moist at the end of the cooking time remove the glass lid and turn the thermostat button to HIGH. Subsequently leave it boiling for 30 minutes.

The knife cuts into the carriage. What's the cause?

Don't apply too much force to the device and to what you want to cut. Let the machine do its job. If you use too much force, the machine can deform, cut into the carriage or the engine can become overloaded.

Where can I find recipes?

 At our website you can find all kinds of recipes.

Does the machine have 1 knife with which you can cut anything?

The appliance includes 2 knives: a meat knife and a knife for frozen products.

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