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Ready for the holidays? Create culinary magic at the holiday table together!

Christmas time is coming! Time for coziness, being together and feasting on delicious dishes. But luckily you don't have to spend endless hours in the kitchen! Discover a world of culinary possibilities with our cooking appliances such as the cozy stone grill, raclette grill, fondue or even our newest wok appliance. With these appliances you can conjure up creative dishes and enjoy tasty grilled meat, fish or vegetable snacks without the cost of expensive ingredients.

Christmas and New Year

Festive fun cooking !

The Gourmet-Wok-Pancake Maker GWP 2560 offers ultimate versatility. Guests can make their own favorite wok dishes, mirror eggs, wraps and even pancakes, all on one convenient griddle.

The Raclette & Stone Grill in 1 RSG 3280 offers variety with functions such as stone grilling, baking, gourmet, teppanyaki and raclette, all in one appliance. Let your guests enjoy vegetable skewers, meat or their own creations from the pans.

For the kids: make festive hamburgers with the RSG Raclette & Stone Grill in 1. Fry burgers on the grill, sandwiches on the stone, melt cheese in the pans, combine everything and let everyone enjoy!

The qualitative Stonegrill SG 5190 is the perfect partner for culinary evenings without the hassle. Prepare different dishes, from meat and fish to melted cheese in the raclette pans, ideal for simple meals as well as for elaborate dinners where you can give your creativity free rein.

'Slow' is good for you!

For those who want to try something different, the Slow Cooker is an excellent choice. Make delicious stews with various vegetables and meat. The advantage? Even tough meat becomes more tender and you can prepare everything in advance, while the Slow Cooker uses very little energy.

Apero or dessert?

For a stress-free aperitif where you want to enjoy yourself too, the SnackTastic airfryer is your best kitchen buddy. Prepare crispy toasts, pizza rolls or pesto sticks for your guests in no time.

For dessert, treat your guests to homemade pancakes in the raclette pans or on the pancake plate of the Gourmet-Wok-Pancake Maker GWP 2560. Or make a delicious chocolate fudge in the Slow Cooker with leftover Sinterklaas chocolate.

Let the holidays sparkle with these kitchen appliances, enjoy delicious meals and precious moments with friends and family without spending hours in the kitchen!