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Bagna Cauda


drained canned anchovies 150 g
butter 250 g
garlic 100 g
olive oil 85 ml
cream 40% 150 ml
whole milk 250 ml

Further needed

FO 2580 Fondue or FO 2470


Peel the garlic cloves and put them in the bowl of the fondue. Pour over with milk until they are submerged. Bring to the boil and cook on a low heat until tender.
Remove the bowl from the heat and blend the garlic into the milk to a creamy texture.
Add the anchovy fillets and let them melt away on a gentle heat. Then add the butter and olive oil and mix well.
Pour in the cream.
Place the bowl on the Fondue base with thermostat set to 5
Serve as a dip with raw or blanched vegetables such as : chicory (leaves), cucumber, carrot (strips), cauliflower (florets), pepper (strips), fennel, celery (stalks), courgette, radishes


Fondue FO 2580
Fondue FO 2470