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15 portions
15 pieces


200 gm pastry flour (sieved)
250 ml milk (lukewarm = +/- 30°C)
2 packets of vanilla sugar
2 eggs
Possibly a little extra sugar


Preparation time: 15 min.
Number of pancakes: +/- 15 to 20
Keep in the fridge with cling film
Put the milk in a mixing bowl and then add the eggs and beat this to a whole. Then systematically add the flour while continuously stirring .
Beat until you obtain a liquid but smooth mixture.
Take your FRITEL waffle iron with the pancake baking plates, turn the thermostat to position 6 and let the waffle maker heat up.
Put the dough in the waffle maker with a small soup spoon, close the waffle maker and let it bake for +/- 1,5 minutes.


Delicious with some powdered sugar, brown sugar, sirop, chocolate paste ...


Baking plates for Pancakes