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Cordon bleu with a twist

4 portions


4 veal steaks of 150 gm each
4 slices of Parma ham (or double if they are small)
A few handfuls of fresh spinach leaves
8 slices of cheddar cheese 
100 gm flower
3 egg whites (beaten loose with some salt and pepper and a few drops of oil)
salt and pepper
Oil or grease for deep-frying


Briefly stew the spinach leaves, season with pepper, salt and nutmeg. Drain the spinach and dry with kitchen paper.
Place a veal steak between two sheets of plastic foil and beat it finely with a meat hammer or the bottom of a pan. Make sure that the meat remains intact.
Season the veal with salt and pepper.
Then put a slice of Parma ham and one or two slices of cheese on each piece. Divide the drained and dry spinach over the meat.
TIP: To prevent the stuffing from draining out, it is advisable not to place any stuffing on a 1 cm rim. 
Roll up the meat firmly.
Prepare a bowl of flour, a bowl of egg white and a bowl of panko. Season the flour with salt and pepper. 
Roll the veal rolls first through the flour, then through the egg white and then through the panko. If necessary, repeat a second and third time until you have a nice even shape and sufficient crust. 
Heat the frying oil or fat to 190 °C and preheat the oven to 180 °C.
Bake the rolls (one by one) in the deep fryer for 4 minutes until golden brown. Turn them around halfway.
Put them in the oven for another 15 minutes to cook.