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Affordable entry-level models

FRITEL responds to the trend towards more and more small families and singles with smaller homes, thanks to compact and affordable electrical kitchen appliances that fit perfectly with the modern household. For example, we are launching new affordable entry-level models of the grill GR 1360, the heart waffle iron HW 1225 and the waffle iron WA 1230. These new appliances are budget-friendly solutions for small families, singles and student flats.

Press releases

Healthy and fast grilling with the grill GR 1360

The new GR 1360 is a compact contact grill specially designed to quickly and easily prepare delicious meals for small families or singles who want to enjoy healthy dishes. You grill a delicious skewer, vegetables, a piece of fish, a panini, or a chicken breast. Price: €69.99.

Heart waffle iron HW 1225 for a sweet tooth

For lovers of sweet treats, the HW 1225 heart waffle iron offers the ultimate pleasure. Heart waffles crispy or tender, just plain, or with a delicious scoop of ice cream, warm cherries or whipped cream. Something for everyone! Be sure to try a savory variant with cheese, for example. This cute and compact device is ideal for preparing loving waffles, perfectly matching the cozy atmosphere of small families or romantic moments for couples. Price: €39.99.

Belgian waffles thanks to waffle iron WA 1230

If you want to enjoy real Belgian waffles, the WA 1230 waffle iron is ideal. With its compact size and the capacity to bake two delicious Belgian waffles at the same time, it's a practical choice for small families and singles who want to enjoy this delicacy. or dinner with leftovers.Price: €49.99.