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Taking care of nature

Responsible entrepreneurship keeps human beings, the environment and the economy in balance. FRITEL also does its bit and focuses on circularity, minimum waste , maximum reuse of materials and energy efficiency.

Nature conservation Save money

In the development of new products, energy consumption and safety are priorities. Moreover, the logistical processes are also designed to minimise the ecological footprint. We consciously choose boat transport, reusable Euro pallets and boxes, recyclable plastic, paper tape, etc. In addition, we aim to use completely plastic-free packaging in the future.

Spare parts, in-house repair and proper maintenance make our appliances last longer. If a device is beyond repair, all parts are given a new life. Our zero-waste thinking is also reflected in our customer communication. In response to rising living costs, we give tips on "leftover cooking", so that less is wasted.

Not to forget, there is no doubt that sustainability is also very much alive in the workplace itself. We consistently sort all of our waste, drink water from the tap using our reusable drinking bottles and work on greening our car fleet and electricity!