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Use your Soup Maker in the summer

Did you know that with a soup blender, you can do much more than just make soup? Make your favourite cocktails, mocktails and smoothies or enjoy a fresh gazpacho. Read on for more tips!

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Become a real bartender and mix your favourite cocktail or mocktail in no time. With the 'Blend' programme, you can create the most delicious creations in 1 minute and 50 seconds. So easy to use and ready in a jiffy.

Make healthy smoothies: yoghurt, milk and chosen fruit.... Everything in the Soup Maker.....and ready in 3 minutes! The Fritel Soup Maker has a "Smoothie" programme, enabling you to make the most delicious, healthy smoothies in no time at all. A treat for young and old!

With a soup blender you can make hot AND cold soups. Think of a delicious vegetable broth or minestrone on fresh, rainy days, and a refreshing cucumber soup or quick gazpacho on hot days in summer. We can't control the weather, but fortunately our Soup Maker can. It conjures up the most delicious soups, hot or cold, smoothly mixed or with pieces. All ingredients are added and half an hour later you can enjoy your meal.