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Pour and go with the FRITEL Top Fill Waffle Maker

With the New Top Fill Waffle Maker FRITEL is introducing a new waffle trend for liquid dough. Baking delicious, full and soft waffles is now very easy. You fill the scoop, pour the dough into the waffle maker and simply wait for the sound signal. As easy as that! Moreover, you can make delicious savoury waffles as well as sweet ones. The ideal family moment. Enjoy your meal!

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Baking a real Brussels waffle is an art in itself. You have to prepare the dough correctly, let it rise long enough (but not too long) to get that perfect full waffle. Fortunately, it can be done more easily. Just pour your liquid dough into the top of the latest Top Fill Waffle Maker from FRITEL, and the appliance does all the work.

An American breakfast: sweet or savoury?

Extra fun: with the Top Fill Waffle Maker you can make sweet and savoury waffles. Or push your boundaries and enjoy a delicious American breakfast. Waffles with maple syrup, bacon, potato cubes, ... With the new waffle maker from FRITEL you can bake the perfect waffle for this type of breakfast! What's more, the round waffle form makes it possible to bake as many as 4 waffles per time.

“Pour and go”

The new Top Fill Waffle Maker is very practical to use. The supplied measuring spoon ensures that you always have a nice full waffle, and the "ready" sound signal tells you when your waffle is perfectly baked. The waffle maker also has a collection tray to catch excess waffle dough. With the handle on top, you can easily move the appliance. And the cool touch handle with lock function guarantees safe use of the appliance.

Baking waffles with the whole family

The appliance completes the FRITEL Baking range and makes baking waffles the ideal family activity. The Top Fill Waffle Maker can simply be placed on the table for breakfast, snack or dessert. Safe to use. Even the children can bake their own waffles!!

FRITEL, Tastefully Created!