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Gift ideas

The cosiest time of the year is here again. We brighten up our homes and streets with sparkling Christmas lights and the Christmas tree is shining inside. The delicious smell of pine, the candlelight and the cheerful Christmas decorations put us in a good mood. We secretly look forward to Christmas Eve. After all, there is nothing like surprising our loved ones with a nice present. Are you looking forward to it too? Undoubtedly so. Still in need of some inspiration? Then be sure to read on!

Christmas and New Year

For the sweetest mum in the world

Do you want to score with the most original gift of the evening? The Top Fill Waffle Maker WA 2224 for liquid dough is a novelty that will amaze everyone! This brand new FRITEL concept has only just arrived in our country, and has unique features. Baking delicious, full and soft waffles is now very easy. You fill the scoop, pour the dough into the waffle iron and simply wait for the sound signal. It always works! What's more, you can make delicious savoury waffles as well as sweet ones. The ideal family moment. You can simply place the Top Fill Waffle Maker on the table for breakfast, lunch or dessert. Safe to use. Even the kids can bake their own waffles! You can even use it for dessert after Christmas dinner!

For the travel fanatic

Do you have a sister, brother or aunt who likes to travel but has had to miss out? Bring the flavours of foreign countries to your home country and surprise him or her with a FG 2970 Culinary Fondue & Grill. This fondue maker is suitable for all fondue styles, but in particular it is perfect for a delicious Japanese fondue. Japanese or Oriental fondue, also known as hotpot, is a Fun Cooking activity that is both very tasty and healthy. Tasty because you use spices and ingredients that are not commonplace. And healthy, because you don't use oil but broth. Important for the right experience of this Japanese fondue is the use of the appropriate appliance, the right ingredients, and also the right actions.

For the family member with the busy life

The SnackTastic is the appliance we can't really do without. It's the perfect kitchen assistant that's always there for you when you're busy, your partner in crime at parties and your home caterer for unexpected visits. With a SnackTastic, you can bake the tastiest snacks, chicken, steak or fish in no time using hot air. You can use it for baking, grilling, warming up, defrosting or even keeping warm. Did you know you can even bake cupcakes, or a cake with the handy Baking Tin accessory?

For the student or single

MySnackTastic is the perfect alternative for students or singles, so they too can enjoy a tasty meal or snack quickly and easily.

For the grandma who still fries with an old fryer

The best cooks are our grandmothers and grandfathers. Years of experience in the kitchen make them a walking cookbook, a skilled chef, and the best host. They often remain faithful to their old cooking appliances. Maybe your grandma still fries with that old fryer? Surprise her with a new, true "Rolls Royce" deep fryer: the FryTastic. This intelligent deep fryer works with very accurate frying temperatures thanks to an electronic control system, is equipped with a double heating element so you can fry up to 50% faster and is extremely user-friendly. Moreover, you don't have to worry about it anymore, because the appliance switches itself off automatically after 2 hours of not being used. And for you this means: even tastier fries on Sunday.

For the young mother

The one thing a mother should always have at home is...a waffle iron. Baking waffles makes everyone happy, even the littlest one. The CW 2458 waffle iron is a multifunctional waffle iron, with which you can bake both Brussels and Liège waffles. The solid cast aluminium baking plates are dishwasher-proof and easy to remove. In this way, you can transform the waffle iron in no time into another waffle iron, grill, teppanyaki...

There are 13 additional baking plates available separately: for 6x10-waffles, 4x7-waffles, 16x28-waffles, heart waffles, pancakes, cones, blinis, filled waffles, madeleines, gaufrettes as well as grill plates, teppanyaki plates, sandwich plates. In short, something for everyone.

FRITEL wishes you beautiful and tasty end-of-year moments!