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Musthaves for your trip

Discover the best and most practical devices that will make your trip even more enjoyable!

Cooking outside Seasonal cooking

When travelling I must not forget: my Blend & Go… Teppanyaki… SnackTastic and my induction cooking plate!

Why the Blend & Go?

With the compact Blend & Go, BG1310, you can make delicious juices or smoothies in no time, for on the go or at your favourite holiday place.
Did you know you can even make cocktails and mocktails in the Blend & Go? And milkshakes? This will instantly create a happy holiday feeling.
You blend in the same cup you drink from. So quick, easy to take with you and less dishwashing.

Why a teppanyaki?

To grill and chill, off course!
The possibilities with this Teppanyaki are infinite. Everyone chooses their favourite meat, fish or vegetables and then bakes them. Everybody prepares what he feels like. You can prepare a snack or lunch or dinner and even bacon and eggs on a sunny Sunday morning 😉. Need inspiration? Have a quick look at our recipe page.

Why My SnackTastic?

Because with the My Snack Tastic you can really prepare everything: appetizers, cakes, snacks, lunch, dinner, vegetables, meat, fish…. No use of fat (up to 80% less fat) and no unpleasant odours in the house.
Check out our recipes for inspiration.

Why an induction cooking plate?

Our very latest induction cooking plate is a real diamond. It’s suitable for cooking, baking and roasting, using small or large pots and pans. In addition, the cooking plate can also keep your dishes warm for up to 3 hours! Quickly cook a soup or a delicious spaghetti or hot dog… Everything is possible.

No inspiration during the holidays?
Then quickly check out our recipe page. We bet you will want to make everything.

Good luck and enjoy your holiday!