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Leftover Cooking

We live in unpredictable times where flexibility is a fog and our resilience is put to the test daily. One thing is certain, our lives are more expensive. Energy prices are skyrocketing, many products are more expensive and food is getting more expensive too. How do we deal with this in a smart way? Quite simply: be more aware of what you eat and throw away less!

Cooking Leftover Cooking Save money

"Zero waste” is a hot topic. Throw away less and contribute to a better environment. So-called "leftover cooking" has even more advantages. If you buy food more consciously and use it more consciously, there is not only less waste, but you also save on your weekly expenses. You can put a tasty meal on the table with leftovers, in no time at all. It will take some getting used to, but the possibilities are truly endless. Take a deep dive into your cupboards, fridge and freezer, and you'll be amazed how many dishes you can still conjure up on the table. Here is some inspiration!

  • Did you eat spaghetti yesterday and still have some sauce left? Make a croque monsieur, pour the sauce over it and you have a delicious croque bolognaise.

  • Or do you have dry pasta left over? Use it the next day in a frittata with some leftover vegetables, an egg and you have another delicious and balanced meal.

  • Do you have various vegetables left over at the end of the week? Put everything together in the Soup Maker, add some bouillon and herbs. There is nothing like a tasty soup to end the week with.

  • Pasta is on the menu tonight? Use vermicelli and put the rest in the soup the next day. That way, you have a healthy, yet satisfying meal.

  • Do you have some vegetables and potatoes left over from your dinner? Put them in the soup blender, add water and a bouillon cube and you have a delicious soup for the next day.

  • Has that one jar of tomato sauce been in your cupboard for weeks? Spread it on ½ a baguette, sprinkle with grated cheese and bruschetta herbs and bake for 10 minutes at 180° in the oven or SnackTastic. Because who doesn't like a pizza baguette?

  • Was chicken curry on the menu yesterday and do you have some leftovers? Cut the chicken into small pieces, mix them into the curry sauce, add some garlic, onion, parsley and pieces of apple if necessary and you have a tasty chicken curry salad for toast.

  • Still got potatoes in your kitchen drawer? Make a potato tortilla instead of a sandwich.

  • Do you have hard-working chickens in your garden and don't know what to do with all those eggs? Try a frittata.

  • Don't throw away fruit with a few brown spots! Make them into a smoothie, process them into cakes or dry them into deliciously healthy sweets for yourself or the kids. How about apple sauce waffles?

  • Any meat left over? Put them with some cheese on a slice of bread, add some olive oil, pepper and salt, put them on the grill and you have a perfect appetiser or snack.

  • A Slow Cooker is the perfect zero-waste assistant and gets everything cooked and tasty. You can use meat that has been in the freezer for too long to make a creamy stew.

  • Old bread left over? Make croutons in the SnackTastic, breadcrumbs in the blender or make French toast!