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Where there is smoke, there is BBQ!

It's the season! Enjoying the outdoors longer, with a nice piece of grilled fish or meat and a delicious glass of rosé, right?

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Why an electric barbecue?

With our electric BBQs you can grill anywhere, even on the smallest terrace, in a city garden or in a large garden. Our BBQs make it possible to quickly grill a piece of meat, fish or vegetables every day without heating up time and without having to buy charcoal or gas.
After all, not everyone is a fan of charcoal or gas bottles. In addition, in most apartment buildings, gas or charcoal is not even allowed because of fire safety.

BBQ and table grill – in 1

And because saving space is also important, you can transform the BBQ in no time into a table grill that you can use indoors all year round.
Check out the demo videos on our YouTube page.

Cleaning? No need to!

After a nice barbecue evening nobody wants to spend time scrubbing the grill . Thanks to our electric BBQs this is fortunately a thing of the past! No clean-up required. Just put the grill plate in the dishwasher and that's it. Easy, right?

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