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Butter waffles

50 pieces


800 gm sugar- 1 kg self-rising flour- 800 gm melted butter -14 eggs- 20 gm of vanilla sugar

Further needed

Mixing bowl


Add the eggs, the sugar and the vanilla sugar in a bowl and whisk with the FRITEL Combi Mixer. Gradually add the flour and keep mixing with the FRITEL Combi Mixer. Then add the melted butter and mix until you have a smooth mass. Take your FRITEL Combi Waffle Maker, insert the baking plates for waffles 16x28, and preheat the appliance. Depending on the dough you prepared and on personal taste, you will have to choose the correct temperature setting. This will also influence the baking time.


Make sure your ingredients are at room temperature.Before you start baking it is advisable to grease the baking plates with a little bit of oil, even if they are covered with a non-stick coating. To avoid lumps in your dough, it is better to sieve the flour before use. Serve with a delicious cup of coffee.Use the FRITEL waffle fork to remove the waffles easily from the appliance.Let the waffles cool down on a grid.


Baking plates for waffles 16x28
Stick Blender set XXL HB 2879