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Japanese fish fondue



600 gm fish at choice:Large shrimps, salmon, sole ... - 200 gm soya sprouts, 2 leek stalks, 2 carrots, 1 chinese cabbage, 800 ml fish stock, 2 fish stock cubes, pepper, salt


Tempura dough: a dough of 200 gm flour, 2 packets of backing powder (if desired egg white) and 2,5 to 3 dl ice water. (Do not prepare all at the same time, it has to stay cold) First dip the fish and the vegetables in the tempura dough, than fry in the oil and eat with sauce. Heat the pan until a piece of bread you put in is brown in 30 seconds. To fry: large shrimps, scampi, sole, mushrooms, paprika, cooked potato in slices. Tempura sauce: boil 1dl sherry with 1 dl stock and 2dl ketjap in a separate pan, divide in different bowls in order for everyone to have his own bowl. You can season the sauce with horseradish or ginger powder.


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