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Triple toast with mozarella



12 slices of toast bread- 4 slices of cooked ham-2 balls of mozzarella (in slices)- 1 big tomato (in slices -)2 spring onions (in slices) -cressmayonnaiseoil (if desired) -Necessities :
cutters to arrange the food on the plate or cut out ringwooden cocktail sticks


Cut rounds out of the toast bread and insert them in the toaster.Put on a plate a toast, a slice of mozzarella, a slice of tomato, a toast a slice of mozzarella... Roll a slice of ham with some spring onion and put on top of the mozzarella. On top put the last slice of bread. Finish with a spoon of mayonnaise, cress and spring onion.Stick a cocktail stick through all layers.