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Waffles from Brussels with whipped cream and hot cherries

10 pieces


250 gm self-rising flour (sieved)
125 gm butter(melted)
20 gm fresh yeast
200 ml milk (tepid= +/- 30°C)
200 ml sparkling water (tepid = +/- 30°C)
4 eggs
Pinch of salt
250 ml cream
powdered sugar as desired
Stewed cherries

Further needed



Preparation:30 min.
Quantity of waffles +/- 10
Conserve in plastic box
Take the fresh yeast and dissolve it in part of the lukewarm milk.
Do the flour in a bowl and make a pit in the middle where you add the yeast mixture, the rest of the lukewarm milk and the sparkling water. Mix until you have a smooth mixture.
Add a pinchof salt and the egg yolks and beat. Then add the melted butter to the mixture.
Whip the eggwhites and carefully add to the mixture. Let the dough rise for approximatelyhalf an hour under a moist kitchen cloth in a warm environment.
Take yourFRITEL Waffle Maker, with baking plates for authentic waffles from Brussels,turn the thermostat to position 6 and let it heat up.
Pour the dough with a jug. Completely fill the below baking plate in one pour. Always work from front to back. Close the Waffle Maker and turn it (flip-over) and bake for approximately 3min. 30 seconds. Turn the appliance back to its original position and bake some more for 1 min 30 sec. to 3 minutes.
Make sure the cream is really cold, add the powdered sugar and whip to a foamy mixture. Add this on the waffle from Brussels.
Finish with hot cherries.


This dough can not be conserved very long (max a few hours!). So prepare the dough, let it yeast and then bake the waffles. Dont put the dough in the fridge to use later.
The baking time can greatly differ depending on the rising time of the dough. The longer it has yeasted, the lighter and the faster they will be baked.
Conserve the waffles in a plastic box. Then heat them up for approximately 3 minutes in your FRITEL Waffle Maker on position 6.
You can also conserve them in the freezer! Then you can heat them up for approximately 4minutes in your FRITEL Waffle Maker on position 6.
You always eat a waffle from Brussels warm! Delicious!


Baking plates for waffles from Bruxelles and Liège
Stick Blender set XXL HB 2879