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Cooking healthier, it's a piece of cake!

It's that time of year again. We all long for a tighter body and choose a healthy lifestyle. With all types of diets, websites, apps out there, choosing the right method is a huge challenge. At FRITEL, we understand everyone is different and therefore we are focused on creating innovative cooking appliances. Moreover, we try to inspire you with healthy recipes to help you reach your goal.

Tips & Tricks

Let's start with a few ground rules:

  • Don't skip meals: eating regularly keeps your metabolism active and stimulates your burning process. This prevents faintness and energy dips during the day.
  • Grilling is healthy! Juices, vitamins and minerals are preserved during grilling. Plus, you don't need to use any fat.
  • Drink plenty of water 😉
  • With an airfryer, make healthy oatmeal biscuits, popcorn, vegetable dishes or marinated chicken with a minimum of fat.
  • Blend & go: make healthy smoothies and energy-boosting vegetable shakes to get your daily vitamins and minerals.
  • A Dehydrator allows you to dry pieces of fruit as a healthy snack between meals.
  • Home-made = the best. That way you know perfectly which ingredients are used and also how much salt, spices and fat. So rely most on your own cooking skills, whether basic or advanced.
  • Still fancy a fry? In this case it is also wise to make your fries at home instead of going to a restaurant.. The Turbo SF fryers are equipped with a double heating element that allows you to fry up to 50% faster. The fries are seared faster, so they are crispier, less fatty and healthier!

Some inspiring recipes:

  • Start your day with a vitamin boost and prepare a delicious and healthy breakfast smoothie with raspberries! If you like to vary, use different fruits. Add some oatmeal for an extra satiated feeling that will give you energy for the whole morning.
  • Make your own snacks! Forget those boring snacks and eat healthy snacks in between. For example, bake oatmeal biscuits or dry pieces of fruit for a delicious and responsible snack. That way, you'll never have to go hungry again.
  • Add a fresh green twist to your sandwiches with a leaf of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and herbs. You certainly don't have to leave your bread out, after all, it's best to use the carbs for good energy; Want more variety? Then try a delicious poké bowl or Gazpacho, both prepared with fresh vegetables!
  • Still in the mood for something sweet? An oatmeal pancake with syrup is delicious and can't hurt!
  • For dinner, the possibilities are endless. Make a delicious (vegetarian) stew in the slow cooker, or bring out your grill and grill meat, fish and vegetables into a delicious meal. Or prepare chicken, fish or meat with potatoes and vegetables in your Snacktastic. All without fat and still tasty and delicious.
  • The evening is often the most dangerous time of the day when it comes to tempting snacks and drinks. But don't worry! Make yourself e.g. a delicious mocktail, with some healthy popcorn for the perfect snack combo. Here are some recipes to get you started.

Discover these recipes, and many more, on our recipe page!

Rasberry smoothie

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Carrot fries

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