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Good cooking and saving? That is possible with these FRITEL tips.

The current economic situation forces us to save. For example, we run the thermostat a degree lower, visit a restaurant less often, let us convince ourselves by offers and promotions. Fortunately we can make it nice at home, consciously deal with our budget and yet put delicious dishes on the table. Dishes that are not only cheap in terms of ingredients or with an eye for Zero Waste, but also with a view to energy efficiency.

Save money

Save time and energy thanks to modern electric kitchen appliances.

I have pots and pans, an oven and a stove. Do I need another electric kitchen device? The answer is: "Absolutely, because it saves your time and valuable energy". Take a soup maker, a pasta & rice cooker or an Airfryer, for example. You put the ingredients in it, and the device puts the rest in a fraction of the time. In the meantime, you empty your dishwasher, cover the table or help your little sprout with homework. In addition, an Airfryer replaces 3 pots on the stove, of an energy saving. Testing showed that the Snacktastic, Soup Maker, Dehydrator and the Slow Cooker entailed significant energy savings compared to. The traditional cooking. The ease of use and maintenance is also an extra asset.

Tested and proven

You undoubtedly asked yourself certain questions to reduce your energy consumption.

"Am I doing the dishes better by hand or in the dishwasher?"

"Do I work better at home or at the office?"

“What is cheaper, a bath or shower? “"


"Am I better cooking on the stove or with a kitchen device?"

Following the latter question, our own R&D department carried out some tests with the Snacktastic Airfryer, Soup Maker, Dehydrator and Slow Cooker. And the results were amazing!

  • When baking a lemon cake, the Snacktastic 5804 378 Wh consumes less than a traditional oven, moreover it was also ready for 5 minutes faster. A Greek chicken dish was 15 minutes faster in the snacktastic and the energy consent was 380 WH less. So you can say the snacktastic 35% less energy consumes than a traditional oven.
  • When drying apple slides, the Dehydrator DH 2025 yielded an energy saving of 50%, compared to a traditional oven.
  • Preparing stews in a Fritel Slow Cooker is 50% more energy efficient than on an induction hob or oven.
  • The Soup Maker SB3190 saves 40% energy compared to soup cooking on the stove.
  • The ER 2025 egg case consumes 62 % less energy and is ready for 2 minutes and 40 seconds faster

We do not need more evidence to be completely convinced! Or is it? In 2023 we will subject all our devices to these tests on energy consumption.

Don't throw anything away!

Certain kitchen appliances are ideal for processing leftovers into delicious meals. So don't throw anything away. Process all your leftovers into delicious soups in the Soup Maker; And yes, that last piece of cheese can also be added. In the Slow Cooker you can turn over -vegetables, In the snacktastic airfryer you can transform leftover vegetables, pasta, rice or fries and eggs into a tasteful fritatta, or leftovers of bread to crispy croutons for the soup. The possibilities are endless and you save a considerable sum of money from leftovers in your fridge, pantry or freezer to be transformed into full meals.

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