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Autumn inspiration

Beautiful colours, long walks in the woods, fresh air, cosiness indoors...these are just a few reasons to love autumn. And why not enjoy the taste of a nice piece of venison, a tasteful stew, a warm soup or an energy-rich smoothie as a snack.

Cooking Seasonal cooking

Slow Cooking can be done at any time of the year, but its real charm is experienced especially during autumn and the game season. During those first cold days, a heartwarming stew is a delicious pick-me-up. How about a spicy ragout of wild boar? Or a Navarin of venison with winter vegetables? Discover our recipes.

A Slow cooker is the perfect kitchen aid for busy lives. You put in the ingredients in the morning, set the right heat, the Slow Cooker does the rest and you just go do something else. On the other hand, it is also the perfect "fridge cleaner". Do you have vegetables left over at the end of the week? Or is there a piece of meat in the freezer that has been there too long? A Slow Cooker slowly cooks the food so that the flavours come out fully...and makes even the toughest piece of meat tender and tasty.

Feeling cold? Drink soup.
Fresh soup in autumn is the instant-happy-maker. Pumpkin, endive, parsnips and mushrooms are just a few examples of vegetables that are at their best in autumn. Enjoy a spicy pumpkin soup. Or rather a traditional tomato soup? With a Soup Maker this is quickly and easily prepared.

With these autumn vitamins you can get going again. Apples and pears, ginger and lemon? Just put them in a smoothie. With a blender, you can have a hearty portion of autumn vitamins ready in no time.