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Cheese fondue with herbs



Garlic - 300 gm light ripe cheese - 200 gm cheese like Chaume - 3 dl dry white wine- Thickening - 1-3 tsp brandy - +/- 20 blades of fresh chives - +/- 20 blades of fresh chervil - Nutmeg -Pepper


First rub the inside of the fondue pan with garlic. Mix cheese and flour and put it with the wine and the lemon juice in the fondue pan. Stir firmly. Boil the mixture while stirring constantly. At the table: Add a glass of jenever and season with nutmeg and pepper. Add the fresh herbs. Keep stirring, the fondue should simmer throughout the meal. Prick pieces of bread on the fondue forks and start dipping. Regularly stir into the mixture to avoid strings. Serve with salad and dressing.


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