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Chestnut Pesto



200 gm chestnuts (to roast)
olive oil (use soft olive oil, so certainly no virgin oil, it dominates the delicatetaste of chestnuts)
100 gm Parmigiano
100 gm. Pecorino
2 bushes of basil
2 cloves of garlic
Pepper and salt


Cut the chestnuts. To roast the chestnuts, you can use a cooking pot, grillplate, oven ...
When the chestnuts are roasted, let them cool down and peel them.
That will be very easy to do now!
Take your FRITELchopper or blender and finely chop the chestnuts.
Add half of the oil,half of the basil, half of the garlic and some pepper and salt.
Finely chop the whole.
Taste and continue totaste with the rest of the basil, garlic, pepper and salt.
Finely chop the whole again.
Then add the remaining oil until you get a creamy mixture. The pesto cannot be too running.
Let the pesto rest inthe fridge for a few hours.