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Chocolate bread (1000 gr)



250 ml milk 400 gm white flour 100 gm wholemeal flour1 tsp. of salt 2 tsp. of dried yeast 2 tbsp. of sugar 25 gm butter 1 egg 100 gm of dark chocolate

Further needed

FRITEL bread machine


Use a kitchen scale to precisely weigh all ingredients. Take the baking tin from your FRITEL bread maker. It is very important to add the ingredients in this order: 1. Milk 2. Flour3. Salt: make a hole in one corner, add the salt and close the hole4. Yeast: make a hole in the opposite corner, add the yeast and close the hole5. Butter: cut in pieces and divide over the entire baking tin6. Add sugar + egg + chocolateSelect the baking features: 1. Baking program: basic / sweet 2. Loaf size: 1000 gram 3. Crust color: Light, Medium or Dark4. If desired you can use the timer function


Make sure all ingredients are fresh, at room temperature and use the right quantities. Always check the packaging to see if the flour is suited for baking bread. The weight of the flour is very different according to its type. Therefore, it is very important to carefully weigh on your kitchen scale. We advise dry yeast because it keeps well and provides a better result than fresh yeast. Sugar is essential for the rising process. You can replace this with honey or syrup. Never use milk when you use the timer function. There is a risk that the milk becomes sour.


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